Agile Quality Engineering | Live Webinar

Practical Implementation of Test Automation in Agile Development

April 15th, 2021 | 3:00 PM TO 3:40 PM PST

Software development is a complicated process, and usually, all parts of the development lifecycle – from development and deployment to testing – are built leveraging some form of Agile development methodology. Agile techniques make it easier to detect bugs; however, later stages of development require repeated tests, and manual testing is a taxing and inefficient option. Therefore, to make the entire process more efficient, businesses are leveraging test automation best practices to cope with continuous product development and delivery.

Join Systems Limited’s live webinar to explore:

  • Efficient test coverage on multiple devices and browsers
  • How test automation in Agile development can ensure continuous delivery of a quality product
  • Test automation best practices to address QA challenges



Session Flow




Fareed Kamran

Assistant Vice President – Quality Assurance, Systems Limited

Omar Kafeel

Senior Managing Consultant, Systems Limited


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