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AX Talent Suite Support Services

AX Talent Suite Support Services include both service level agreements, and additional requests from our clientele as well. If the client is covered in annual maintenance contract, the following support level agreements will be followed. Any additional functional or technical assistance, not covered in the contract, will be covered through charged activity.

Priority Level and Their Support Mechanism

Support Services will include the provision of Error Corrections. Depending upon defect’s severity, the client and Systems Limited can mutually set priority level as one of the below:

  • Showstopper– Complete failure of application as a result key transaction(s) cannot be executed
  • Critical – Significant material impact on use of application
  • High – Material impact on client’s use of application
  • Moderate/Low – Minor/moderate impact on business operations, no significant impact on business operations and which may be solved through a workaround if possible

Support team will respond to all the reported software errors in the following manner:

Help Desk Availability
Response Time from Notification (Time for Support Clock to Start)
2 hours
8 hours
12 hours
12 hours
Neutralization Time from Notification
4 hours
8 hours
80 hours
80 hours
80 hours
Final Resolution Time From Notification
1 week
1 week
2 weeks
4 weeks
4 weeks

Defect Reproduction and Fixing Mechanism

As soon as a defect is logged in, the following activities will take place:

  • Depending upon the priority of the issue, Systems Limited Team will immediately plan to reproduce the issue in QA environment. In doing so, the assigned resource may ask for further clarification or further details about the steps to produce. This correspondence may be conducted via email or through a task management system (existing Systems Limited clientele currently uses a task management system based on tickets). This process will continue until the defect is reproduced
  • Once the defect is reproduced the development resource will investigate and prepare the fix or defect resolution and will send this shipment package to QA
  • QA will test the fix package against the reported problem
  • Once approved by QA, the defect will be reported back to the client.

Contact Person and Communication Hierarchy

Contact information of the support desk for AX Talent Suite will be provided.

Support Lead
+92 21 3454 9385-7

Support Team Working Hours

Maintenance & Support Service
Timings (Mon-Fri)
Remote Support Karachi, Pakistan 11AM to 6PM
Onsite Support Karachi, Pakistan 11AM to 6PM

Support Roadmap

Systems Limited is committed to follow and sustain the roadmap provided by Microsoft, for Dynamics AX. We provide the latest updates, and upgrades for our product, AX Talent Suite, soon after the public release of the latest versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX. Moreover, we provide support to older versions of our AX Talent Suite add on, till the time that Microsoft supports its Dynamics AX releases.