AX HR & Payroll System Boosts Employee Productivity at Khaadi

AX HR & Payroll System Boosts Employee Productivity at Khaadi

Client Industry: 
Project Overview: 

Khaadi is a popular contemporary hand-woven fabric brand offering customers kurtas and loose fabric. It seeks to revive the ancient craft of the handloom and popularize the traditional medium in a modern style. Khaadi continues to produce a fusion of styles to complement both the east and west, while still using hand-woven fabrics on selected products. In 2010, Khaadi entered into the international arena by exporting to various regions. The online store was launched in Pakistan in 2014 and Khaadi will look to open its digital doors to various countries going forward. The company continues its aggressive expansion strategy by opening several retail stores in smaller cities of Pakistan.

Need Analysis

Employees are undoubtedly the most valuable asset of any organization and employee satisfaction lies at the forefront of Human Resource department’s objectives. For this reason, Khaadi sought to automate its HR and payroll operations to streamline processes on a unified platform and allow visibility of critical functions around its huge employee base across Pakistan.

Prior to implementation, Khaadi faced the following challenges:

  • Manual procedures for handling payroll and HR operation
  • Inconsistent and inaccurate reporting
  • Manual taxation and wage calculation resulting in human errors, inaccurate salary disbursements
  • Detached employee records and time consuming recruitment procedures
  • Lack of efficient and reliable attendance record system for monitoring and reporting purposes
  • Ineffective communication of employee benefit plans

The inability of HR unit to meet its primary business objective of timely and accurate salary disbursement enthused the desire to shift to an integrated and localized for taxation ERP solution built on global best practices.

HR & Payroll Management Dynamics AX 2012

To address the highly unstructured HR Operations and Payroll processing, Systems Limited, after conducting a detailed analysis, proposed the implementation of a comprehensive Payroll Management Solution in Dynamics AX 2012 to fulfill Khaadi’s HR business requirements. The proposed ERP technology not only provides affordable scalability for growing and changing business needs, but is also rich in functionalities across Human Resource Operations.

The solution was designed to provide a higher level visibility of employee information, maintain attendance records and to run a payroll fed in by accurate salary and deduction records, in a timely fashion.

Systems Limited assigned a team of techno-functional consultants and business analysis professionals experienced in technological and industrial domain, to follow an agile project methodology for seamless implementation of the solution over a period of 8 months. The befitting and user friendly solution implemented at Khaadi furnished strategic and long term benefits to gain sustainable productivity gains across its HR processes.

Benefits Achieved
  • Maintenance of a complete personal and professional employee record to capitalize for talent capturing and rotating purposes.
  • Automation of simple recruitment tasks led to faster onboarding and minimized time and cost expended per recruitment cycle.
  • Attendance management mechanism allowed Khaadi to maintain accurate attendance records, free of human errors, which facilitated wage calculations on predefined business formulas and absenteeism control.
  • Motivated workforce through improved benefits and compensation management leading to productivity gains
  • Structured and actionable information on a single platform, leading to faster and informed decision making.
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