Dynamics AX 2012 at a Construction Project Management Firm

Dynamics AX 2012 at a Construction Project Management Firm

Project Overview: 

Systems Limited implemented Dynamics AX 2012 to manage and monitor end-to-end project tasks from proposal submission to implementation. It also served as a user friendly communication portal for fast task execution.

Key Challenges

  1. Complicated project accounting for costs such as resource time & attendance and supply materials ordered risked profitability of projects.
  2. Slow communication and information delivery cycles across Finance, Human Resource, Business Development and Engineering departments hindered smooth project execution and accurate revenue projection.
  3. Management could not identify allocated resources from idle ones, resulting in resource wastage. Interchangeable project resources were confused about responsibilities due to lack of structure.
  4. Constantly modified project documents resulted in many versions of sales orders and quotes, making access to accurate project information a laborious task.

Business Impact

Employee Visibility and Optimization

  • Workforce was optimized through resource based scheduling feature. Integration with attendance system helped track time and costs against project activities.
  • Faster work deliverability across departments as project milestones were shared and work progress tracked.

Agile Bidder Evaluation Process

  • Bidder and quotation evaluation reports and stakeholder proactivity led to an inclusive and efficient bidder selection process while standardized contract formats helped prepared tenders unanimously
  • Products were procured from approved suppliers only, ensuring high quality and saving evaluation time on every request.

Optimized Project Management

  • Enhanced communication during proposal submission led to accurate costing of man months.
  • Automated resume records sped the proposal submission process and helped find optimal resource fit.
  • A centrally accessible repository of proposals helped share data across offices located anywhere.
  • Advanced case management boosted client service and customer retention rates.
  • Timely Invoice and Purchase Order generation and financial cost controlling and forecasts for risk mitigation
  • All project documents are stored at one place to handle cases and create organization wide awareness.

Client Brief

Our client is an international consultancy that offers end-to-end project management services in architecture, civil and infrastructure development projects

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