Enhanced Information Management Solution for Wind Power Organizations

Enhanced Information Management Solution for Wind Power Organizations

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Energy Utilities
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With rising fossil fuel costs, accelerating global adoption of cleaner energy resources, and implications of CPEC collaboration, demand for wind energy has grown. This increase in demand has caused power generation companies to seek technology-backed wind power solutions that improve efficiency.

Industry Challenges

Complex Energy Price Calculation Process

The high precision requirements for wind farm operation and maintenance, complex energy price calculations, and multi-transaction meter reading, grid tripping, and load reduction processes, make information management critical for accurate invoicing and farm health checkup. The slightest discrepancy in data management can
result in massive loss of revenue, or worse: operational downtime.

Lack of Transparency and Reporting

Intensive capital costs for a wind farm setup makes it important for decision makers to accurately assess return on their assets. This requires a smart solution that not only records the plant capacity of geo-diverse farms, but also provides meaningful reports identifying underutilized assets for necessary action.

As your organizational footprint expands to new wind farm sites, collaboration becomes critical for the field and engineering staff to exercise better control over data. A centrally managed information platform provides comparative performance insights into your wind farm portfolio, and keeps track of performance indicators with ease.


Wind Power Management System

Capture, analyze and act onenterprise- wide wind energy data

Systems Limited offers a robust Wind Power Management System to optimize the performance of wind power organizations. Enhanced and connected workflows from wind data
capturing to customer sales make this solution very powerful.

Business Impact & Results

Better supervision of Wind Portfolio and Energy Supply chain

WPMS connects with on-site devices to capture real-time wind farm data such as turbine capacity, energy generation, and imported/exported energy, and safely records it for subsequent pricing and invoicing processes. As a result, your energy supply chain becomes transparent and up-to-date, which allows you to manage business operations more proactively.

Accurate Monitoring & Reporting

Receive insightful reports on energy sales, historical wind records, and underused wind farm capacity. Make informed decisions on energy production planning and farm setup optimization using role-based dashboards that depict peak climate for wind energy generation.

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