Healthcare Management System

Healthcare Management System

Project Overview: 

Our client, a prominent NGO in the healthcare industry, offers distinct health programs with an aim to effectively serve communities and to consistently measure project impact for service improvement. These initiatives, however, are delivered through multiple channels such as call centers, digital applications, community workers, and ambulances and were managed on disconnected systems or on paper, resulting in service delivery challenges.

Healthcare Service Delivery Challenges

1) Patient Record Collection and Maintenance

Patient records were repeatedly collected through different communication channels, resulting in duplication of effort and a shift away of focus from patient’s problem. Moreover slow internal communication and poor organization wide visibility resulted in delayed emergency interventions.

2)Fleet Management and Maintenance

There was no mechanism for scheduling ambulance repairs and maintenance, posing a life-threatening risk of vehicle downtime during service. The EMS control department is ill informed about healthy fleet available for critical Emergency Medical services.

3)Reports Automation and Analysis

Manual forms and data entry into excel spreadsheets was error-prone and led to inaccurate analysis of key performance indicators for each program, handicapping the organization to constantly monitor and improve.

Our client sought to bring all health programs under a single umbrella to make information cross-utilizable for different teams to deliver collaboratively and efficiently.


Healthcare Management System
Serve communities faster with the right healthcare tools and information

Systems Limited implemented a searchable Healthcare Management System (HMS), built on global standards. HMS connects our client’s healthcare arms to create a shared information
repository accessible to all. The HMS platform is easily scalable to include information of more projects in the future.

Impact and Results

Serve Patients Faster in More Areas

HMS will help our client achieve better focus on patients’ medical conditions and appeals and to avoid record duplication through generation of a unique patient ID on the shared platform. It will also allow more patients to be served qualitatively with widely accessible patient record history.

Repair schedules were automated to ensure preventive maintenance and communication between control departments was streamlined to increase total area of coverage. The solution will also enable our clients to make ambulance interventions faster and better with digitized forms and complete visibility of EMS operations and patient’s medical conditions, which helps plans for in-fleet crew, paramedics, and equipment.

Timely & Accurate Impact Analysis of all Health Programs

HMS allowed distinct teams to generate reports and store them on a shared platform, which could be used by the monitoring wing to regularly evaluate program impact. Availability of realtime information to employees also led to effective follow ups with pending ambulance and patient cases over the diagnosis-treatment cycle.

Industry: Healthcare, NGOs

Region: Global

Technology Type: Portal, Information Management System

Software Users: Health Service Employees

Integration: Systems unique to different health service programs, ERP.

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