Human Capital Management Solution for Automotive Industry

Human Capital Management Solution for Automotive Industry

Project Overview: 

Our client assembles, manufactures, and markets world-renowned diesel trucks and buses across the country. It has emerged as the largest manufacturer of high-quality medium and heavy-duty trucks and buses with over 50% market share.

Key Challenges

  1. Disconnected attendance and payroll processes for employees required extra HR efforts that often led to inaccurate payroll disbursements.
  2. An inability to accurately and quickly identify skill and talent gaps severely limited the effectiveness of training programs and lowered performance levels.
  3. Employees spent an inordinate amount of time requesting approval for leaves, which disrupted the normal flow of work.
  4. Legacy systems’ growing per-user licensing costs and expensive upgrade requirements left a smaller portion of the IT budget for strategic projects.


To offload burgeoning technology costs, the manufacturer explored an alternative solution offering complete HRM functionalities without breaking the bank. Systems Limited seamlessly migrated their legacy application data onto its highly sought-after Human Capital Management Solution with core and advanced HR functions. The new solution offered one server license for all users, along with a user-friendly self-service portal. Not only was it customized to meet the local automobile manufacturer’s business needs, but it also provided compliance capabilities to help mitigate risk.

Business Impact

Streamlined Leave Management Process

  • Employees now required just a few minutes to request leaves, record attendance, or upload expenses, saving time for core job responsibilities.

Employee Skills and Talent Growth

  • Easy skill and talent gap identification enabled more effective growth and training plans.

HR Operational Efficiency

  • Automatically recording and connecting attendance records with payroll processes ensured accurate salary disbursements and timely disciplinary action, and reduced the need for human intervention.
  • Improved visibility of individuals’ current skills helped curate training programs quickly and effectively.

Simplified Software Licensing

  • One server license for all users organization-wide enabled ongoing cost savings as the client’s employee base grows.

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