A Micro Finance Bank Drives Revenue with a Modern Payment Gateway

A Micro Finance Bank Drives Revenue with a Modern Payment Gateway

Client Industry: 
Project Overview: 

Banking players are exploring new and sustainable business models with a growing trend of m-commerce and e-payments becoming mainstream in the consumer markets. Capitalizing upon global evolution of online transactions, a prominent micro finance bank in Pakistan aimed to launch an e-wallet similar to PayPal that allows shoppers to make online purchases through multiple payment formats in just a few clicks.

Solution - Payment Gateway

Systems Limited proposed and delivered an online payment gateway, an electronic payment solution that seamlessly merges with online websites and banks to enables users to send & receive money, and pay for online for purchases.

An intuitive application with a simple requirement of a valid email address, ensures security of customer data through encryptions to meet compliance and consumer security regulations. It is also limitlessly scalable to ingest new stores, impressively robust to handle high traffic during peak seasons and hours, and effortlessly linkable with all technology platforms.

It also provides an administrative functionality to agents to manage different roles. E-Sellers and merchants can easily plug the solution with online stores, receive payment notifications and monitor dashboards for real time and historic transactional details.

Business Impact

E-Revenue Stream:
Over 80+ Merchants and E-commerce sites integrated with the gateway and successfully ran high-volume promotional campaigns such as Black Friday, National Days, New Year and Eid Festivals. This generated a significant number of successful orders and amount of revenue per campaign. With flexible payment choices between credit/debit cards, mobile wallets and over the counter methods, the user base grew tremendously resulting in high volume transactions soon after launch.

Reinforced Branding:
The payment gateway successfully positioned our client’s brand image as a catalyst of communication technology breakthroughs. It established the bank as a progressive and adaptive organization, steered towards offering transformative consumer shopping experiences in light of evolving global trends.

Customer Relationship Management:
The high responsiveness of solution infrastructure enabled business to service customers faster throughout the buying journey and beyond. Intuitive in-built dashboards provided reporting capabilities with granular level customer and transaction details to capitalize for different in-app marketing campaigns. The easy to use application reduced transaction times and offered a distinguished shopping experience with convenience enriching features such as transaction reversal.

Our solution continues to be the bank’s premium product for tapping local e-commerce business.

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