Project Management Unit, Board Of Revenue, Government of Sindh

Project Management Unit, Board Of Revenue, Government of Sindh

Client Industry: 
Public Sector
Project Overview: 

Project Management Unit (PMU - BOR) is mandated to execute and manage computerization of land ownership & revenue records in province of Sindh.

Government of Sindh has launched a project named Land Administration & Revenue Management Information System (LARMIS) with objective of improving and modernizing system of maintaining of land Records in the Province. Its main objective is to improve Public accessibility to the land records by simplifying procedures, introducing appropriate legal changes and deploying an efficient system to ensure security of data and delivery of range of land record services to the end users.

The project required carrying out the following activities:

  • To select core technical ¬†team and mobilize the resources
  • To acquire essential ¬†infrastructure & equipment for the project
  • To establish double data entry facilities
  • To train the resources on land record domain, application and processes
  • To develop common understanding amongst all the stakeholders by initiating a project start meeting
  • To making available the indexed data for data entry in the software application
  • To initiate data entry phase; beginning with double data entry, subsequent comparison check of mismatched data, maintaining a list of inconsistencies found in original data & ensuring its resolution, and finishing up with verified data entry.
  • To complete the project by creating the database, printing out the processed data and handing it over to PMU BOR.
Project Status: 
In Progress