A Renowned Apparel Retail Chain Realizes Managerial Success with a Resource Management Solution

A Renowned Apparel Retail Chain Realizes Managerial Success with a Resource Management Solution

Client Industry: 
Project Overview: 

Our client, a leading clothing and apparel retail chain, aimed to improve visibility and flow of information across organization wide business functions to save costs from process effort wastage. They sought an information platform that was compatible for integrating and storing data from Point-of-Sale systems and hand held application deployed at retail stores and warehouses. Poor synchronization between Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, HR, Retail, Finance, Warehouse & Product departments hurt the organization’s ability to strategically manage and plan ahead in the competitive industry.


Systems Limited deployed an advanced managerial solution, fully compatible with hand held devices and POS and cost effectively customizable to meet special retail business needs. With role based security and a user friendly interface, our client was able to eliminate duplicated records and efforts, gain improved control over data and achieve gains in planning, forecasting and decision making capabilities.

Business Impact

Efficient Supply Chain

Easy testing of raw material, packaging and finished inventory enabled our client to experiment variations for procurement. Vendor and costing details helped in comparable analysis for best rates and vendor discounts.

With Android based handheld applications at warehouses, operations staff can easily maintain logs of discrepancies during scan for immediate corrective action. Warehouse stock counting and tracking activity became many times faster, saving time for strategic tasks. Overall recording and tracking of inventory movement through transfer order forms enabled real time stock visibility supply chain planning.

Central management of retail store operations drove consistency in stock schedules and sales promotions, saving a lot of time in coordination and replication processes.

Improved Financial Planning

Integrated business functions led to accurate and timely financial tasks such as invoice and purchase order generation and improved reporting expense management, financial planning and strategic business analysis.

HR Operations & Employees

Employee management and motivation improved with automated Payroll tasks and employee profiles. Training programs and employee performance were more accurately monitored to drive a learning and growth culture. Automated recruitment process acquired suitable talent in an effective manner than before. Productivity gains were achieved through segregation of duties between overlapping functions.

Sales & Marketing

Central management of POS made sales processes and business rules across all local and regional channels consistent. Our client can smoothly run marketing campaigns and promotion discounts centrally from Head Office and replicate across all channels. Improved insight into customers buying patterns across channels helped drive marketing precision. Sales reports for all retail channels can easily be designed for analysis and improved business intelligence of business trends.

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