Transforming Queue Service with a Smart Queue Management Portal

Transforming Queue Service with a Smart Queue Management Portal

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Banks, telecom, mobile phone and public service entities have adopted queue management systems to eliminate over-crowding, however, serving customers faster and better has remained a struggle. Managing your customer’s journey even before they walk in the service centers, is the key to a differentiated service.

Queue Management Challenges

Traditional queue management systems perform the ticket generation and calling tasks and allow customers to check their waiting status on LED display screens or through voice announcements. However, many tickets go unserved either because of lack of information over process requirements or the timings and nearest location of the service centers are not locked or known beforehand, resulting in unhappy customers.

The service staff is often uninformed about number of waiting customers, time taken to serve each customer and peak service times. These metrics measure staff and service center performance and are pivotal in improving the overall service, but are not immediately available in perceptive dashboards in the traditional systems.


Queue Management Portal

Systems Limited provides a cohesive queue management solution that seamlessly synchronizes people and processes throughout client’s journey to ensure all clients are served faster with reduced wait time. The solution sets out a convincing ROI against the choice of increasing service staff per center or turning potential customers away or risking a bad word of mouth with unresolved issues.

Business Impact & Results

Boost Staff Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

Customers can easily schedule appointments, review requirements as per the nature of service and save relevant information on the portal, which the staff can access during service for time savings. Alerts and notifications sent to the customer in an event of any change, leading to more informed and connected customers. The smart business process portal automatically takes into account all late customer scenarios and smoothly manages priority queues in a transparent manner resulting in more satisfied customers.

Service center employees can conveniently transfer tasks between teams and are pre-informed of issues of the customer that they will serve next, leading to significant productivity gains.

Uncover Potential with Advanced Reporting Dashboards

Insightful metrics such as total tickets served, time per ticket and causes for unserved tickets are easily transferred to the built in dashboards of the portal, which results in constant monitoring and service improvement. It also helps identify the cause of unserved tickets, for instance if the customer didn’t have the required documents, so the marketing department can be aligned to run informative campaigns to create awareness and avoid dissatisfied customers.

With our QMS, you can reduce your ticket time and human interventions and achieve better control and visibility over queue service.

Client Story

HEC Streamlines Degree Attestation Service with a Smart Queue Management Process

Systems Limited transformed the degree attestation service at HEC by allowing applicants to make online appointments before walking in the nearest attestation center. The staff portal exchanged information about application number and ticket number with the Queue Kiosk and customer web portal to serve more applicants faster. An easy-to-use portal with workflows for unexpected scenarios reduced process bottlenecks and enabled a more informed staff to achieve time efficiency of 75%.

Industry: Telecom, Financial, Public Service

Region: Global

Technology Type: Queue Management Portal on BPM

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