24th Aug 2018

Unilever Minimizes Asset Repair Time for Uninterrupted Cold Chain Sales

Unilever is a global leader in the manufacturing of consumer goods. Its product portfolio includes a cold chain of ice-cream, beverages, margarine and other items that require cold storage equipment installation, such as refrigerators and fridges at their regional distribution centers. These assets frequently face operational issues, so Unilever aimed to shorten their repair and maintenance cycle, drive a mechanism for preventive maintenance to ensure uninterrupted sales and unhurt customer and distributor relationships. However, tracking asset issues and aligning workshop resources posed a challenge because of sluggish communication cycles and birth of information silos between workshops, call centers and sales managers. Systems Limited implemented a robust Cold Chain Management System (CCAMS), built on .Net application framework to automate the cold chain issue resolution cycle from complaint lodging to asset replacement in retail partner’s store. The user-friendly platform synchronized cold chain inventory, asset issues and resource tasks to enable significant cost and time savings in the resolution process. 

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