lead generation

Step 1: DEFINE

Presentations were held on 4th December 2019 by CodeLogic participants in Lahore and Karachi, in front of a panel of judges.

Participant teams presented some very innovative and interesting solutions to the Car Parking issue at Systems offices while judges gave them some constructive feedback.

Step 2: REFINE

Participants submitted their working solutions on 27th December 2019.

Judges will review the codes and then demonstrations of the solution will be held.

Winner Announcement: TBD

Code/Development Guidelines

The application should be divided into two parts:

  • Backend as APIs
  • Application – Use of Modern frontend is encouraged. (React, Angular, Vue etc.)

Following are coding/development guidelines that need to be adhered:

  • Code should be checked in a version control system.
  • Requirements should be broken down into smaller chunks and documented in the form of user stories.
  • Frontend tests should be written for all components in their respective test suites.
  • Test coverage should be above 90%.
  • Pull requests are only merged if they successfully pass the code quality (Linting) & tests on CI.
  • A readme file detailing how to check out, run the project tests, and generate coverage reports.

Bonus points for implementing the following:

  • Github or TFS as a VCS.
  • A proper branching model for the code commit.
  • Test Driven Development.
  • Docker.
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment – After merging the code should automatically be deployed to a cloud; such as Digital Ocean, Heroku, Azure, Aws etc. where applicable.
  • A Quality Gate configured to pass the merge request.