Ready. Set. Code!

Ready to test your coding skills? Systems Limited brings to you Codelogic! A coding competition for all coders and programmers at Systems Limited, where you will be tested for your skills and see if you have what it takes to be the best coders in the company.

In order to make car parking spaces at Systems Limited more accessible and inclusive, you are required to design Car Parking App enabling employees to find a parking spot using any location technology (from their phone) that is not taken by any other driver.

The competition contains two steps!

The winning team will get an IPAD PRO EACH, certificates and a special feature on Systems Monthly Newsletter!


1. Candidate should have experience/know-how in coding languages.
2. Entries will be for a team of MAXIMUM THREE MEMBERS.

Are you ready for the challenge?

1. Map all available parking spots in Systems Limited, using any preferred location technology.
2. Show a real time map of parking spots.
3. Show all occupied parking spots with a legend/color.
4. Show all available parking spots with a legend/color.
5. Show occupancy percentage at any given time.
6. Remember parking spot & car info for a particular user.
7. Show parked car information on a particular parking spot to other users.
8. Allow any user to subscribe for a notification when a parking space is made available.
9. A user must be able to sign up using their employee id.

Use your imagination to acquire all the information above.

Bonus points if you are able to do business analytics as follows:

1. Peak parking times
2. Employee parking times
3. Any other useful analytics

1. You are free to use ANY language/framework you wish to use.
2. You can use any mapping technology such as google maps.
3. The app must be a Progressive Web App (PWA) that users are able to install to their phones.
4. Twitter Bootstrap for the UI.

Evaluation criteria:

1. The application must be divided into two parts:
a. Backend as APIs
b. Modern frontend (react, angular, vue etc)
2. Code must be checked in on Github
3. Git Flow must be followed as a branching model.
4. Requirements must be divided into Github issues.
5. Github issues must be part of a Github project and Github milestones.
6. All features must be developed against Github issues and Pull Requests must be raised.
7. Code is linted for code quality using respective tools such as Eslint etc.
8. All code must be developed using test driven development.
9. Use Docker and Docker-compose for local development & running tests.
10. Frontend tests must be written for all components in their respective test suites.
11. Test coverage must be above 90%.
12. Continuous Integration is done for all pull requests.
13. Pull requests are only merged if they successfully pass the code quality (Linting) & tests on CI.
14. Continuous Deployment – After merging the code must automatically be deployed to a cloud; such as digital ocean, heroku, Azure, aws etc.
a. You can use Terraform as cloud neutral deployment tool.
15. A readme file detailing how to check out and run the project, tests and generate coverage reports.
16. Any project, which fails to successfully do point 15, will not be considered.

You can use any freely available CI tools such as Travis, Jenkins, CircleCI, Microsoft Azure DevOps.

Continuous integration must be Docker containers and run tests inside them.

May the better coder win!

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