erp-and-crm-services Business Applications

Systems’ digital enterprise service experts provide a comprehensive range of consultation, optimization, and acceleration solutions that enable growth, improve business agility, help achieve growth targets, reduce operating costs, and enhance efficiency across business functions.

Selection Services

Our team evaluates your existing business processes to help you choose the right technologies and implementation strategies for your specific business needs.

Diagnostics & Scoping Exercises

Systems applies its expertise and industry best practices to determine the business objectives and challenges in your current setup, clearly define measurable objectives, perform a risk assessment, stipulate which tasks and deliverables are inside or outside the project scope, and develop a roadmap for when each project milestone is due.


Discover how prepared you are to implement a specific solution and determine the ROI you can expect after the solution goes live.

  • ERP Upgrade: Our experts help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of various on-premises and cloud ERP solutions from multiple leading technology vendors and how to move from diverse systems to unified and updated versions. We help you match your existing and future business goals to the most suitable ERP platform.
  • Frontline Worker Apps: Systems can help you assess the benefits of empowering your frontline workers in shops, factories, warehouses, or in the field with mobile solutions and other digital technologies centrally connected to back-office applications. We help you control costs, enhance communication, and maximize worker productivity.
  • Business Application Helpdesks: Systems provides a wide range of helpdesk services with experienced technical resources, including account administration, application support, network troubleshooting, and much more.

Implementation Services

Systems has vast experience in the end-to-end implementation and modernization of ERP systems for businesses of all sizes, from small and medium businesses to highly complex global projects for large enterprises. We assist our clients throughout the implementation process, including diagnostics, analysis, design, configuration, development, load testing, rollouts, optimization, and support to ensure that each implementation project is completed within the best possible timelines and competitive budget with premium-quality services to the client’s utmost satisfaction.

Our team of experts focuses on client-centric engagement. We ensure that our implementation professionals work in close coordination with your internal team, our team leads frequently liaise with your project owners, and our top management interfaces with yours as needed.

Acceleration Services

Instead of spending months or years creating custom-made solutions and add-ons to address requirements specific to your industry or line of business, Systems offers a range of ready-to-go, principal-certified, and best-practice driven solutions that allow you to fast-track your digital projects and achieve results in a fraction of the time.

Vertical Solutions

  • HauteLogic: An end-to-end digital management solution for manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers in the Fashion, Apparel & Footwear industry
  • Retail Analytics: Predictive & prescriptive analytics, real-time reporting, actionable insights, and in-depth performance metrics for B2B & B2C enterprises
  • PartnerLink: An intuitive solution that simplifies digital B2B system integrations with trading partners, automates inbound and outbound document exchange, and improves supply chain efficiency by integrating with your ERP system

Horizontal Solutions

  • PowerApps & Flow Apps: ERP companion apps on no-code Microsoft platforms that allow business and frontline workers to perform their tasks swiftly and automate operations at low cost
  • CommerceLink: An intelligent solution that integrates your internal ERP systems with your online store order management, enabling omni-channel retail in near-real time
  • Mainteers Asset Management: An ERP add-on for scheduling and managing preventive, corrective, and predictive maintenance for assets, facility management, factories, and shops.
  • Advanced Shipping: Simplify carrier integration, label printing, and order tracking for small parcel shipping and logistics handling with ERP
  • BusinessLink: Quickly integrate your ERP system with multiple B2B online wholesale platforms to tap into global marketplaces
  • Pakistan Tax Localization: A preconfigured solution that enables rapid compliance with Pakistan’s federal and provincial taxation regulations
  • Localized HR & Payroll: A full-featured human capital management solution that offers support for local labor regulations and currencies
  • Integration Cockpit: An intuitive way to centrally manage and monitor 3rd-party integrations, error handling and logging for custom code with dashboards for fine-grained error logs, and import/export of file-based records in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
  • RapidSell: A sales representative companion application for frontline retail workers that simplifies inventory lookup, order management, and customer feedback in Dynamics 365

Optimization Services

Systems applies its decades of experience to streamline your IT operations to ensure that you aren’t paying for resources you don’t need, and that these resources are tuned to deliver peak performance.

Upgrade & Migration

Investing in modern IT systems pays high dividends, and Systems helps businesses make a smooth transition from their existing platforms to these full-featured modern solutions.

  • On-premises to Online
  • Dynamics AX 2012 to Dynamics 365
  • Dynamics 365 7.x/8.0 to Evergreen Cadence
  • JD Edwards Support

Managed Services

Systems provides a complete range of managed services for most popular technologies using current industry best practices. We proactively monitor and maintain your infrastructure and ensure that your organization’s information systems continue to operate optimally.

Applications and Infrastructure Applications and Infrastructure

System Reengineering

Mass reengineering (platform migration) of an existing application entails special risks, opportunities, and expertise. Reengineering projects often involve the use of automated impact assessment, conversion, and testing tools.

Systems Limited has developed a widely tested mass reengineering methodology that covers the entire scope of an application reengineering project and integrates seamlessly into Systems Limited’s work-vision framework. Systems’ proprietary tools or third party tools for impact analysis, conversion, testing, and change management support this methodology. The application of these automated tools shortens the project time frame, reduces project cost, and mitigates project risks by minimizing human error.

Database Administration (DBA)

Systems Limited offers unparalleled DBA services with diverse shared knowledge on Oracle technologies across the group. This shared experience helps in decision making while performing critical tasks, including clustering, data guard implementation, and choosing optimal specification and configuration.

Systems Limited has worked extensively with different companies on performance tuning, data modeling, upgrades, and data warehousing, and we know which solutions are best suited for each of these tasks.

  • Client staff extension setup
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Script promotion
  • Weekend support

Supported Platforms


  • Oracle Real Application Clusters
  • Oracle Data Guard architecture
  • Non-Oracle failover technologies
  • Oracle applications
  • Oracle data warehousing and data mining
  • Oracle advanced security options

Microsoft SQL Server

  • High availability options
  • Data warehousing and data mining
  • Analysis and reporting services
  • Performance monitoring and optimization

Portals and Collaboration

Systems Limited is a leading provider of tier-1 portals and collaboration solutions. We offer a strategic and pragmatic approach to ensure that our customers realize the true business value of implementing portals and collaboration solutions.

We use our proprietary optimization review methodology in conjunction with respective solution models. Through application platform optimization, we quickly deliver integrated and highly flexible applications in a secure manner and define user experience, business intelligence, SOA, business process, and data management and development capabilities. Business productivity infrastructure optimization includes technologies that assist in streamlining content management procedures, access to data, and other processes across business areas. This helps in delineating unified communications, collaboration, enterprise content management, and search capabilities.

Custom Solutions

We assist organizations in a broader way with customized web portal designs and a detailed implementation approach.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful platform for sharing ideas, content, and the vision of your company. It is scalable enough to organize and manage all of your information assets, but is also designed to organize and store documents to enable personal productivity, and keep teams and projects on track.

System’s SharePoint services encompass advanced SharePoint implementation, migration, and administrative support. We use workflow-enabled applications and self-service business intelligence to transform the way your business approaches collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Application Development

Systems Limited offers a full range of application development, implementation, management, and maintenance services. We also help organizations make better use of their existing IT applications through maintainability analysis, responsive services, and application enhancement.

We facilitate enterprises through our responsive development teams and resourceful application architecture. Our experts collaborate with clients to understand their business processes and existing application ecosystem to deliver robust application maintenance solutions. Our solutions help customers cut costs, minimize risk, and achieve enhanced ROI from their IT applications.

Our track record of successful project delivery is a testament to the strength of our application development and maintenance services, which leverage high-quality process standards and alliances with leading technology principals.

System Integration

As part of our consulting services, Systems Limited may recommend implementing third-party software. Our application integration and product implementation team provides the complete cycle of services needed to complete third-party implementations, which consist of the following steps:

Gap Analysis

Business analysts performs gap analysis, which involves matching business functions to application functionality and identifying processes where the application needs to be extended/modified to cater to specific scenarios. Analysts determine the priority of each request for change (RFC), prepare RFCs, and submit them for development.

Customization and Reports Development

Based on the submitted RFCs, product customization begins. Customization may require modification to the base application or the development of additional functionality. Typically, several new reports and inquiries need to be produced as part of the implementation. Before development begins, a functional specification is produced and approved by user representatives.


The relevant interfaces essential for a complete implementation are identified. Since any new application will be exchanging data with others, the success of the implementation depends to a large extent on the quality of integration achieved. Where an application needs to be implemented in phases, temporary interfaces need to be developed to support functions that will continue to be performed in the previous system. Interfaces that need to be developed may use real-time communication, batch file transfers, or messaging based middleware.

Application Setup

Application setup consists of populating reference files and configuring system parameters. Some of the reference files may require data conversion and others may need to be keyed in.

Data Conversation

Data conversion involves writing automated processes that convert data from one format to another. This may involve migrating data from one platform to another, combining multiple data files into one, or splitting a single data file into several files.

Acceptance Testing

As changes are rapidly being implemented in the application, it is essential to verify not only the correctness of new features but also that base features continue to function correctly before the modules are rolled out into production. This involves performing functional as well as regression testing.

Application Rollout

Rollout involves a close coordination between the IS department and business users to ensure that the system is available and is being used to capture transactions. It also involves resolving issues regarding the need to run the legacy system in parallel and ensuring that correct transactions are being posted in the new system. Application deployment issues also need to be addressed before the rollout.

Training and User Support

Training material is developed to train end users. Documentation is also produced to help users perform various business functions and to provide users with a quick reference. Where required, computer-based training is developed and web-based documentation is produced and hosted on the company intranet. A crucial element of user support is to help users adapt to the new system. This includes an understanding of the business practices employed by various user groups, finding equivalent application features, and adapting the workflow within the constraints of the application.

Data & AI Data & AI

Systems Limited leverages cutting-edge machine learning technologies to evaluate and respond to complex and dynamic business needs in real time. Machine learning is particularly well-suited for tasks that require businesses to analyze and evaluate large volumes of data with speed and precision. Systems provides the technology and expertise to align various machine learning techniques with clients’ unique business needs.

Insurance and Reinsurance

Because of the large number of available submissions and the considerable time it takes to evaluate each submission, insurance and reinsurance companies run the risk of missing out on profitable deals. Systems uses machine learning to help insurance firms focus on the most promising submissions first, saving time and minimizing missed opportunities. Our learning algorithms analyze a constantly expanding set of past submissions to identify cues that indicate relevance with a high degree of confidence and then use these cues to rank new submissions as they are received.

Retail and Distribution

Discrepancies between demand and supply leads to inefficiency, waste, and reduced profitability. Systems has deployed machine learning solutions for mid-sized businesses and large enterprises in the retail, fashion & apparel, and consumer goods industries, helping them save millions of dollars through highly accurate demand forecasting and inventory optimization. By providing individual forecasts specific to each store and distribution center based to several years of sales data, Systems has helped several nationwide retailers reduce their inventory spend by as much as 66%.

Digital Commerce Digital Commerce

Successful businesses are customer-driven. They adapt to customer demands and excel at delivering a personalized and unforgettable experience that is consistent across all channels. In order to implement these changes, leading global retailers turn to Systems Limited for a complete range of Unified Commerce services.

Our experienced team of digital commerce professionals provide the leadership and skill set required to plan, design, implement, and support cutting-edge eCommerce solutions. They are capable of performing extensive redesign and re-platforming on existing digital commerce deployments. Their expertise in eCommerce development, implementation, and administration helps you reduce cost and time to value.

Digital Commerce Services

  • Business intelligence
  • Cross-channel precision marketing
  • Data migration
  • eCommerce process improvement
  • Framework design
  • Management and administration
  • Platform integration
  • Product development
  • Site optimization
  • Social commerce
  • Web analytics
  • Website design

Customer Experience

Systems’ customer experience capabilities combine exceptional design and development conceptuality into every phase of the development lifecycle. We focus on creating a powerful digital experience that prompts efficiency, adoption, and promotion. We design compelling user experiences across multiple digital delivery channels, including web portals, web apps, mobile apps and desktop apps.

We pay attention to details at both the business strategy level and the pixel level, thus delivering user delight and building great digital experiences.

Customer experience mapping

Multi-screen design

Concept prototyping & validation

Information architecture

Product visioning

Interaction design

Service blueprints

Interface design

Service roadmaps

Persona development

Strategy roadmaps


Experience design

Visual design

Design strategy

Usability analysis & testing

Mobile app design


User research

Front-end development

Brand strategy

Back-end development

Content strategy

API/services layer definition

Innovation consulting

Ongoing hosting and maintenance

Social media integration

Systems integration

Analytics & measurement

Training, mentoring, and developer assistance

Technology-Led BPO Technology-Led BPO

Call Center

Systems Limited offers a comprehensive range of call center services that help you achieve key business objectives while keeping costs in check. Our highly experienced representatives provide high-quality customer care and technical support services at any scale, helping you effectively engage with your customers and improve customer satisfaction. Our exacting standards of data privacy and accuracy ensure superior results and complete peace of mind.


  • Upselling and cross-selling
  • Helpdesk services
  • Product support


  • Appointment scheduling
  • Lead generation
  • Property tax surveys
  • Telemarketing
  • Product/service promotion
  • Market research and surveys

Staff Augmentation

Systems Limited holds an unrivaled track record of helping organizations meet their business objectives. We provide our clients with a variety of project options, skill development opportunities, career planning services, and new technology training that fits their business requirements and budget.

Our dedicated division for staff augmentation works on a rigorous internal recruitment process to provide our clients with the best technical and subject matter experts. Our team can help develop, maintain, manage, and support software applications for our clients to facilitate them in their ever-changing staffing and skill needs.

  • Web development
  • Mainframe programming
  • Business analysis
  • Software development and engineering
  • Database design, development, and administration
  • Systems analysis
  • Network engineering and administration
  • Helpdesk and technical support
  • Project management
  • Technical writing

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing team delivers high-impact web optimization, engaging social reach, and campaigns that maximize customer lifetime value. We determine which messaging is better suited for social marketing versus email based on ROI and business demographics. We assess your search demands and establish a strategy that strikes the right balance between organic and paid search to optimize your marketing spend. We create and run loyalty programs that improve your brand image and provide detailed analytics and reports that maximize the impact of all your marketing efforts.


Leveraging decades of industry, technical, and operational expertise, Systems has been delivering digital mortgage solutions to lending and servicing institutions across the globe. We have achieved this success by applying the best combination of people, processes, and technology to fit each client’s unique situation.

We assist our customers in managing risk, increasing capacity, and discovering new revenue opportunities by improving operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and customer experience at a significantly lower cost.

  • Loan document management
  • Title, settlement, & appraisal workflows
  • Mortgage recordings, releases, and assignments
  • Vendor management solutions
  • Title and appraisal outsourcing services
  • Robotic process automation solutions
  • Digital origination