Mainteers provides capabilities for assisting in any kind of asset maintenance across all industries. It keeps track of all maintenance activities that are required for running scheduled (preventive) and corrective maintenance. It also maintains a record of all previously performed maintenance activities.

Its major goals are:

  • Improved maintenance of deployed assets
  • Increased asset lifetime
  • Reduced asset downtime and maintenance costs

Use Cases

Mainteers has numerous use cases, including the maintenance of:

  • Furniture
  • Electronic equipment
  • Hardware
  • Surveillance and security equipment
  • Connected cars


Preventive Maintenance
Allows users to schedule maintenance request actions for deployed assets, which are automatically triggered on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis as set by the user.

Corrective Maintenance
Users can submit requests for asset maintenance, which are then approved or rejected by the appropriate approval authority. On Approval, users can perform the cycle of asset maintenance.

Reports indicate the status of each work order, employees’ performance on work orders, and equipment maintenance history.

Manager Workspace

The Manager Workspace is a dashboard designed to address managers’ needs. It contains the manager’s work items, active requests, corrective, preventive, and active work orders.

The manager also has visibility of work orders grouped into different periodic sections.

Setup and reporting links are also accessible from this workspace.

Maintenance Work Orders

The maintenance work order screen allows users to add new work orders against maintainable assets. Once a new work order is added, Mainteers begins to keep track of order progress, materials, and worker-hours.

Users can also generate purchase orders against materials, create movement journals for outsourcing, and make transfer journals for warehouse-to-warehouse movement.

Preventive Maintenance

For preventive maintenance, we attach maintenance schedule to fixed assets.

A schedule is generated for each asset in the Maintenance Schedule logs.

A work order is automatically generated on the scheduled maintenance date.

Corrective Maintenance

For corrective maintenance, a request is created against a maintainable asset.

Asset ID, Requested By, and Technician are attached to the request.

Once the request is made, it is submitted for approval.

If the maintenance request is approved, the user can generate a work order against it.