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Moving Immersive Content Live with High-Speed Data Transfer and High-Quality Transmission

Media and Entertainment industry is rapidly evolving with disruptions from 4K, 8K and virtual reality to IP network based production & distribution. Viewing habits are not the same as yesterday as audience demands more control of what, when and how they engage with content. Studios, broadcasters and film production houses are sharing remote content across teams over latest cloud media tools, but transferring large volumes of sizable files remains a challenge.

Moving massive volumes of next generation media content files, quickly, securely and reliably across teams and viewers is pivotal for growing market share, viewers and viewer retention.

Transport, Distribute, Collaborate & Automate

Systems Limited offers Aspera, a comprehensive portfolio of media and entertainment solutions, built with patented and highly efficient FASP® bulk transfer technology, to enable organizations to ingest, share, send and stream large video, audio, graphics and other immersive media files globally at maximum speed, with inviolable security and infallible reliability – regardless of file size, transfer distance, or network conditions. Aspera’s collection of next generation technologies withstands large video and content movement challenges.

Solution Suite

Mass Transport & Ingest:

FASP, Aspera’s patented transport technology, draw in on existing WAN infrastructure and commodity hardware to transcend the limitations of traditional TCP-based transfer technologies such as FTP and HTTP. It maximizes bandwidth utilization to transfer data at high speed with 100% reliability.

Share & Exchange:

Allow easy-to-use and enterprise grade transfer platform to share and exchange large data sets between global teams and vendors with simple drag and down faster, smarter and collaborative workspace, regardless of location of users.

Workflow Automation & Orchestration:

Aspera’s open platform architecture allows you to manage and automate file transfer and content delivery workflows internally and externally to reduce operations costs across delivery pipeline by extending existing IT investments. Aspera Orchestrator offers predictability of delivery timelines and turnarounds through consistency of configuration and deep visibility into deep file transfer workflows.

Live Transmission:

With FASP transfer protocol, securely filed-based assets from remote locations to global customers and partners at unmatched speeds. Achieve complete flexibility to transmit files from any user interface such as Web, Mobile, Desktop and email, using any method such as point-to-point, distribution and point-to-multipoint transfers.

Our competent and trained resources can rapidly deploy Aspera on your existing infrastructure with quality support and training to enable a smooth on-boarding and integration of the breakthrough technology with your existing IT structure.

The Aspera FASP Advantage


Move media hundreds of times faster than TCP by fully utilizing bandwidth, regardless of file size or transfer distance


Dependable transfers with auto resume for partial or failed sends


Enterprise-grade security with SSH authentication, data encryption in transit & at rest and data integrity verification


Real-time, centralized control over transfers, nodes and users, with comprehensive logging and reporting