Achieve faster delivery, easier tooling,
and enhance business value


K2 gives organizations all the power of big traditional BPM software but with faster delivery, easier tooling and better value. Across enterprises and within departments, organizations are rapidly transforming themselves with applications that connect people to information and work, anywhere and at any time. K2's visual tools help in creating, launching and using the first K2 application in a snap. Reusable components certify the next application delivers much faster and perform better than ever before. However, in case of a change in the business requirements, it's easy to update your K2 apps according to the new status.

K2 Capabilities Diagram

K2 gives organizations the power to roll out tailor-made business applications fast. It delivers information and allocates work so that organizations can make better decisions and take action quickly. K2 helps in building departmental business applications such as Finance, Operations, Human Resources and Sales & Marketing to deliver information, reduce process time, eliminate errors and increase efficiency across the board.

K2 assists in building powerful business applications. With K2 organization can leverage its existing investment in SharePoint to surface K2 applications, faster collaboration and manage documents. Organizations can surface these applications further on any device, anywhere, with or without SharePoint.


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