Retail Analytics

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Maximize retail insights based decision-making power

With over 2,500 built-in metrics, hundreds of KPIs, reports, and dashboards, Retail Analytics is a powerful Business Intelligence platform, specifically for the fashion and apparel retail industry. Its cloud-hosted enterprise data warehouse provides Omni-channel visibility of supply chain and consumers that surpasses blind and assumptive decision making.

Best-of-breed, high-performance platform

Retail Analytics leverages the Amazon RedShift columnar database as its high-performance enterprise data warehouse, and MicroStrategy for analytics and self-service BI. Our experts strategically deploy the sophisticated platform in just a few weeks down from years.

Cloud Based PowerBI for Small and Midsize Businesses

Our decades of expertise in fashion and CPG business intelligence enables us to deploy Retail Analytics in as little as six weeks. With profound actionable intelligence, zero capital expenditure, no long integration cycles, no training roadblocks or staff requirements to maintain and support the system, Retail Analytics is the widely chosen solution to power the retail businesses.
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Understand your customers and supply chain with enhanced insights

Allow real-time information on stock levels and customers’ purchasing behavior across channels to enable a value added supply chain and consumer demand prediction and fulfilment with unprecedented precision. A few metrics in Retail Analytics that fuel retail success are listed below:

Inventory Health:

Track stock levels with ease and determine bottlenecks in supply chain at a glance.

  • Allocated, in-transit, in-store, and DC inventory information
  • Markdown planning and execution
  • Sell-through analysis
  • Replenishment order analysis

Customer Insights:

Measure returns on marketing investments and determine in real time consumer spending patterns.

  • Better insight into Omni-Channel customer journey
  • Maximum segmentation based on RFM analysis
  • Campaign analytics and personalized marketing

Market Basket Analysis:

Determine sales items to promote in bundles and products suggestions to customers.

  • Identify transactions with specific products sold together
  • Calculate likelihood of product sales in a single transaction
  • Get insights of core item frequency/affinity

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