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Data Entry

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Preservation of Historical Record

In the digital era where every transaction is taking place in the form of electronic signals; historical record is often referred for fulfilling business requirements. Accessing historical records preserved in physical form is time consuming, tedious and an expensive effort. The objective is to provide historical record in its ingenuity for immediate use coupled with industry standard information security measures. Systems Limited provides data entry services for seamless migration of Historical Physical-Records into Digitized Archives.

Data Migration - Business Process Automation

From implementations of instantaneous data processing applications for a single business function, to an integrated ERP module implemented to cover all enterprise functions. The core ingredient is Data Migration of old physical records onto an automated system on the basis of which perceived business value is yielded.

Financial & Accounting Records

Financial reports and accounting records have to be chronologically preserved and often required for auditing, analysis and planning. For entering financial and accounting records into an application or data model a team lead by a seasoned Domain Expert is deployed by Systems Limited for ensuring seamless and accurate data entry.

Human Capital Records

Businesses with Human intensive work environment have to face the tedious & challenging task of compiling employee records and remunerations. These are required for fulfilling Human Capital Management & Development needs such as; Payroll Management, Intellectual Capacity Building, Succession Planning, and others. For compiling & updating of employee records and remunerations, Systems Limited's experienced and professional resources can be of service with the assurance of information confidentiality. Prudentially molded Data Entry Services are suitable for an intermittent or continual business need.

Record Entry for Compliance with Industry Regulations

Businesses from various industries have to comply by regulations, put forth by autonomous regulatory (Financial & Trade) bodies responsible for securing economic interest. Regulations help in adding sustainability and edge to business portfolio. Compliance with regulations has monetary implications; which is reduced by outsourcing record entering services to Systems Limited.

Data Entry for Research & Development Projects

World Bank, IMF and other entities have various projects designed for complimenting foreign trade and investment within developing countries. These projects often have considerable portions of data collection, and process automation required for supporting the overall project objective. Projects with countrywide scope and excessive workload require cost effective and in time provision of automated records. Systems Limited's project specific services coupled with strategic deployment of resources are considered to be best fit for such endeavors.

Record Reconciliation & Normalization Services

Business serving consumer products and services to a mass-market; have a continual requirement of record reconciliation, normalization & analysis. Overwhelming data is generated periodically that requires instant processing for further utilization by other business functions. While managing core-operations, businesses have to deploy additional resources for managing trivial activities relating to reconciliation and normalization of record. We act as outsourcing partner for managing data reconciliation and normalizing services; providing our clients with accurate, relevant & timely information for their consideration and decision.


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Case Studies: Delivering Value to Our Clients

Browse through our client engagements and discover the work of thorough, experienced, and collaborative professionals ready to resolve your business challenges effortlessly.

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Creation of Beneficiaries Database of Food Support Program Entry & Scanning of the 1.25 million Forms (1st  Phase) & 890,000 Forms (2nd  Phase) Development of Application Software Establishing a Data Center... Read more