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Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP’s financial tools allow companies to successfully maintain financial information like that of the assets, accounts, budgets and cash. ERP assists an organization in effectively managing the internal and external factors affecting it, while enhancing resource efficiency by eliminating time consuming activities and repetitive tasks.

Maximizing ROI through Comprehensive, Integrated ERP Solution

Organizations across the globe have become cognizant of the fact that in a rapidly changing business environment, it is impossible to generate and maintain a custom designed software package that caters to all their requirements and also be up-to-date. An integrated and robust ERP system streamlines interactions of marketing, sales, quality control, requirement planning, manufacturing management, supply chain, human resources and many other processes into a unified system and database. It provides organization-wide unified platform to perform and record all transactions of all the functions of the respective departments, thereby, enhancing efficiency and eliminating the frequent loss of data and retyping errors.

ERP’s financial tools allow companies to successfully maintain financial information like that of the assets, accounts, budgets and cash. ERP assists an organization in effectively managing the internal and external factors affecting it, while enhancing resource efficiency by eliminating time consuming activities and repetitive tasks.

ERP also provides an important insight into organization’s materials management. It successfully automates the process of buying materials and maintaining them. There are modules track the purchased supplies and also calculate how the materials should be distributed. Moreover, you can effortlessly predict the demand of the market based on the history, economic statistics and sales data. This facilitates a company in their decision-making process for when a product production and provides a powerful competitive advantage by reducing “time to market” the products and/or services.

With our strong expertise in large global ERP implementations, experts at Systems Limited can execute the process using the cross functional knowledge of various market verticals. Our qualified business analysts, software engineers, and subject matter experts have prior experience of successful product implementations using a variety of ERP systems and industry specific solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful, purpose-built ERP solution with unrivalled competencies. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed to deliver industry-specific benefits for organizations across different industries, together with a set of comprehensive ERP functionalities for financial, supply chain, manufacturing, retail, human resources and management of other business and organizational operations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers universal interoperability that helps in greater productivity and sustaining data integrity.

With four decades of experience, Systems Limited –a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner and Microsoft Dynamics President Club 2014 and 2015 member– has established itself as one of the most trusted implementation partners for Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions. Systems Limited’s team comprises of experienced and certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants possessing extensive product knowledge and domain expertise. Our key differentiation strategy is flexible –but process driven– implementation approach, based on widely accepted Microsoft recommended Sure Step Methodologies. Leveraging these strategic advantages, we enable our clients to increase their business agility, drive costs down, and reduce overall risk.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Our Services

Systems Limited offers specialized services and solutions around Microsoft Dynamics AX for mid- to large sized enterprises in diversified industrial sectors.

Implementation and Consulting

Our experienced consultants are well-equipped to manage and implement Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 based on years of expertise in the management of ERP projects and myriad of successful implementations carried out over the years.

Support Desk

Systems Limited’s Microsoft Dynamics team provides a dedicated support desk that caters to the complete support needs for all Microsoft Dynamics products. A singular support team is dedicated to each project and is well-equipped to handle tasks, with specialized SLAs designed for each support task.

Dynamics AX Product Trainings

Systems Limited has a dedicated training team, proficient and qualified to train clients, resources new to Microsoft Dynamics products, and experienced resources that need training on various aspects of Dynamics products including CRM 2013 and AX 2012.

Platform Upgrade

Systems Limited provides services for upgrading from older versions to the most current version of Microsoft Dynamics AX platform. We have considerable experience documenting, implementing, testing and evaluating needs of clients for both fresh as well as upgrade implementations.

Dynamics Health Check

Systems Limited’s Dynamics team is equipped to conduct a thorough analysis of your project’s health including server analysis, infrastructure health and system checks. While the client works on their business advantages, Systems Limited takes up the responsibility to provide the organization with a complete health report for a more robust and active IT investment.

Development and Integrations

Systems Limited has a dedicated development team that works solely on the customization of Microsoft Dynamics projects. This team has worked extensively towards the development of new AX 2012 modules and products that are specifically customized for local markets and is ceaselessly working on integration options between other applications such as CRM.

Systems Limited provides optimized services to deliver the fastest and most flexible JD Edwards solutions in the industry. Oracle JD Edwards is a world-class enterprise solution built using standards-based technology and industry knowledge that helps in streamlining multiple business management operations.

Oracle Gold Partner

Using Oracle JDE Edwards, we offer Business Process Reengineering, Application Assessment, Application Upgrade, Service Implementation, Application Development, Maintenance and Support services to our clients from diverse industries, including Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Banking, Retail, Logistics and Transportation, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities etc. We also render cloud-based solutions to help customers use Oracle JD Edwards that assists them to capitalize on their unique business strengths. Our consultants actively engage in every project and offer valuable knowledge to our client’s staff to ensure that each client has the information and skills necessary to support their JD Edwards installation after Systems Limited completes the project.

Oracle JDE suit offers the following competitive advantages:

  • Offering rich functionality that covers all business processes in addition to other industry-specific processes.
  • Providing standard software technologies that enable easy integration with external applications.
  • Acquiring hands-on experience learned during implementation processes for various clients and their differing needs.

Our experts maintain extensive experience in integrating Oracle JDE Edwards EnterpriseOne with external applications to enhances and deliver special functionality.

For implementation, we provide:

  • 24/7 maintenance and technical support to help our clients focus on the business benefits of using Oracle JD Edwards, rather spending time on sustaining it.
  • Secure, high-performance, and reliable application management services as well as optimized virtual private cloud.
  • Extraordinary business resiliency such as disaster recovery plan design, implementation and application recovery anytime, anywhere.
  • Cost-effective solutions including implementation of Oracle JD Edwards to enable clients in running, and managing your investment well.

We utilize the best-in-class project management practices and a proven methodology for delivering high-quality Oracle JD Edwards implementation and consulting services.

Case Studies: Delivering Value to Our Clients

Browse through our client engagements and discover the work of thorough, experienced, and collaborative professionals ready to resolve your business challenges effortlessly.

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