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A pack of 6 distinct techniques to deliver personalized customer experiences

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June 29, 2022

Customer happiness is considered to be a direct outcome of concentrated efforts towards personalization. In comparison to the practices a decade ago, today's customers possess greater expectations, desiring brands to truly grasp their needs and desires, and promptly fulfil them. 

Here’s a scenario to understand the customer perspective better: Would you prefer spending time on a website that offers personalized recommendations and exclusive offers? Or engaging with the content that resonates with your recent purchase or personal interests? The mere thought elicits an immediate response, doesn't it? This illustrates the immense significance personalized online experiences can deliver for your business. Let’s delve into the personalization aspect deeper. 

Personalization opens a profitable venue for business 

Most of the customer purchases are guided by emotions. To grasp this concept better, let's consider the case of a well-known brand like Amazon. What do you think sets it apart? Personalized experiences, of course. But how do you believe Amazon achieved the massive success it enjoys today? We have an answer to that.  

Amazon leverages its product recommendation engine to captivate users, diverting their attention from the initial product they seek towards other offerings they might not have considered. The result? Their users find themselves navigating across a vast array of product lines, eventually coming across products that catch their interest. The success of the said engine is backed by the data garnered over an additional five years, which still continue to fuel their algorithms. 

The ideal solution to deliver personalized customer experiences 

Now to make sure your business stays on track to delivering personalized customer experiences and optimize the potential of this strategy, it's critical to have a tailored tool that enables you to create customer-centric interactions. We have a pack of six techniques you can use to succeed in achieving outstanding customer-centricity. 

  1. Predictive scoring technique 

Our prospects navigate the internet anonymously and they often use channels that are not in our control at all. It eventually leaves us with two questions: How do we identify our potential prospects? What are their demographics? What specifically are they looking for on our website? 

The predictive scoring method can help you resolve these queries. It's an AI-powered tool that’s built in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights stack dedicated to aiding your businesses in predicting an extensive range of business outcomes, which include: 

  • Pre-qualified leads 
  • Number of leads requiring nurturing 
  • Expected number of opportunities generating higher yields within a given timeframe 

With the predictive scoring method, you can forecast accurate business outcomes and help in increasing the number of generated leads followed by a better conversion ratio. On top of that, you can also leverage the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) which helps you to make informed, customer-centric decisions. 

  1. Predictive matching  

Similar to predictive scoring, the predictive matching tool consolidates your siloed data into a more cohesive profile. That way, you can ensure your sales and marketing strategies are in sync and are utilizing a unified dataset. Now that you have meaningful data, you can easily sculpt more customer-centric offerings that can deliver better results.  

  1. Meticulous insights from customers 

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights provides you with a detailed and comprehensive dataset that your marketing and sales teams can employ to gain greater visibility for your customers. Ultimately, you can unveil your users’ history, interests, preferences, interactions, and any relevant activities associated with your business.  

  1. Utilization of highly credible intelligence   

While conducting competitor analysis, you need to be aware of their products, pricing, customer segments and preferences, and the optimal timing for launch. All of these can be served to you conveniently with the deployment of Azure ML, a cloud-based service for creating and managing machine learning solutions, coupled with AI recommendations. This powerful combination will empower you to: 

  • Discover new and unique customer segments 
  • Plan future roadmaps effectively 
  • Forecast customer preferences 
  • Anticipate market trends 

What do these insights enable? They enable you to forge stronger connections with your customers through multiple channels such as:   

  • Email campaigns 
  • Direct marketing campaigns 
  • Advertisement 
  • Digital Marketing 
  1. Data consolidation and customer segregation   

Fortunately, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights simplifies the process by consolidating all your data into a single platform. With its built-in tools and connectors, it merges your scattered data sources seamlessly. As your prospects get on the path of becoming customers, it becomes crucial to segment them at various buying stages across the buyer’s journey. As a result, your sales personnel will be able to effectively nurture customers and forge long-term relationships. 

  1. Adaptability 

It is indispensable for your organizational competencies to transform intelligent customer insights into powerful services proactively, and they ought to be embedded in Azure. These insights can also be utilized in Microsoft’s other business applications like the Power Platform along with the entire Dynamics 365 suite. This will ultimately enable informed decision-making along with the betterment of the overall customer experience.   

Wrapping up 

Businesses need to prioritize continuous reinvention to mould effective and meaningful customer-centric strategies to drive revenue. Achieving this involves the perfect blend of creativity and personalization into the ongoing as well as future campaigns, facilitated by accurate and comprehensive customer data through Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.   

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