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Connected Intelligence

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The promise of connected intelligence

We provide connected intelligence services that leverage data to drive business transformation. Our offerings help organizations modernize their functions, enhance customer experience, and increase efficiency & profitability through advanced analytics.

The promise of connected intelligence
Our Offerings

Transformation with intelligence at the core

Our cutting-edge proprietary connected intelligence solutions and accelerators for increased operational efficiency and more.

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  • Supply chain analytics

    Powered by AI/ML algorithms, our supply chain analytics solutions help organizations optimize their supply chain end-to-end, to maximize sales and customer satisfaction, while minimizing costs.
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP)

    Gain insights into customer behavior by collecting, organizing, and analyzing customer data and creating a comprehensive view of each customer. Our CDP solutions enables you to create personalized experiences and improve customer loyalty & satisfaction.
  • Intelatics

    A feature-rich Retail Analytics Platform that empowers organizations to understand their business drivers for informed decision making. With its cloud-based infrastructure and advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, Intelatics equips executives with state-of-the-art analytical capabilities to mine actionable insights around their sales, customers, products, and operational performance to deliver business value and enhance efficiency
  • AcuitySpark

    A user-friendly retail solution with pre-built connectors that integrate with popular services like Dynamics 365, Salesforce commerce cloud, and Google Analytics, allowing you to bring all your enterprise & third-party data in a centralized location .
  • Evvox

    An end-to-end data analytics platform for insurance companies offering insights on new channels, risk analytics, emerging trends, customer routing, portfolio management, and customer behavior. It helps insurers make data-backed decisions, reduce risks and maximize revenue
  • AI forecasting platform

    A comprehensive solution for informed decision-making that can be used in diverse industries. It provides high-precision forecasting by leveraging both internal and external data.
  • Digital analytics

    Track and evaluate key digital metrics using the latest technologies to monitor website audience journeys and marketing campaign performance, and increase conversions through interactive dashboards.
  • Intelligent apps

    Utilize the capabilities of the newest generation of intelligent applications powered by AI. Seamlessly incorporate insights into ongoing business processes to enhance decision-making in real-time.

Partnering with the best and setting the foundation for your data-driven journey.

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