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Public Sector

Improve Citizen Service & Escalate Your Efficiency With Successful IT Implementation

Government organizations continuously face greater financial scrutiny, transparency in processes, uninterrupted and impeccable flow of public information, and on top of that to do more with fewer budgets. To be more competitive & accountable, government organizations need to optimize their workflows, elude information silos through integration of disparate systems working at city, district, provincial, and country level.

Whether it’s a single assignment or on-going requirement, Systems Limited offers flexible solutions for a unified foundation to ensure efficient financial reporting, compliance, document management, transparency, good governance and gain budgetary controls.

Large scale government projects are not dependent upon efficient solutions only. In fact, there is a dire need for them to meticulously understand the regulations & dynamics of the critical sector. Our highly equipped and trained knowledge experts can work on your project & provide you the right solution within the shortest delivery time possible.

Case Studies: Delivering Value to Our Clients

Browse through our client engagements and discover the work of thorough, experienced, and collaborative professionals ready to resolve your business challenges effortlessly.

NESPAK Searchable PDFs Receiving of record at Systems Limited’s Conducted record condition analysis Training of workforce Prioritizing of records; Assignment Slip; for reporting purposes. Paper clips/pins... Read more
Scanning & Data Entry of 16 Million Documents Receive the daily scanning workload from SECP Establishing Scanning and Data Entry labs at client’s premises  Developing a common understanding of the business... Read more
Considering the distributed nature of Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal (PBM) organization, hierarchical nature of content & documents flow, large number of transactions, requirement of sharing data with other applications, Systems... Read more
The scope of work for this project includes development, integration, customization, testing, data migration and implementation of a workflow based integrated system, at around 60 cantonments all over Pakistan, to facilitate... Read more
Systems Limited rendered Data Entry services for Development of Multi-lingual Education Management System and handled 1.5 million multilingual forms. The workflow process included: Receipt of daily workload and Manual Logging... Read more
Creation of Beneficiaries Database of Food Support Program Entry & Scanning of the 1.25 million Forms (1st  Phase) & 890,000 Forms (2nd  Phase) Development of Application Software Establishing a Data Center... Read more
Systems Limited completed a Data Entry project for Benazir Income Support Program that comprised of 3.37 million forms and also included Data Entry for 500,000 forms of Election Commission of Pakistan and 179,971 forms of Flood... Read more
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government is mandated to execute and manage computerization of land ownership & revenue records in the province. The scope of work for this project includes scanning and data entry of land records... Read more
Systems Limited was appointed as a consultant for providing the services of Scanning, Archiving and Data Entry. In delivering these services, Systems Limited has to establish the Scanning and Data Entry Labs which were instituted... Read more
Project Management Unit (PMU - BOR) is mandated to execute and manage computerization of land ownership & revenue records in province of Sindh. Government of Sindh has launched a project named Land Administration &... Read more