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FY2022 Performance – At a glance

  • P/E Ratio 2022

  • Dividend Payout ratio 2022

  • Breakup Value of Shares 2022

    PKR 71.89
  • ROE

    29% LY ROE 36%
  • Operating Profit

    USD 26.1 MN up by 34% from LY
  • Net Profit

    USD 32.3 MN up by 20% from LY
  • Revenue

    USD 154.5 MN up by 65% from LY
  • ROE

    ROE 31% LY ROE 32%
  • Operating Profit

    USD 23.7 MN up by 37% from LY
  • Net Profit

    USD 30.7 MN up by 51% from LY

Growth across geographies in revenue

  • Pakistan

    USD 28.7 MN up by 65% from LY
  • Middle East

    USD 59.1 MN up by 93% from LY
  • Europe

    USD 21.2 MN up by 231% from LY
  • North America

    USD 45.5 MN up by 15% from LY

Committed to creating long-term value for all shareholders and stakeholders: people, communities and businesses.

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Investor Briefing Session – HY1 2023

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