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Empowering the world’s leading port operators with Dynamics 365

This year, Systems MEA welcomed one of the world's biggest global supply chain and logistics service suppliers. We have strengthened the operational network of the world's leading port operator's business structure by implementing innovative sales and customer service areas.

Our client was looking for a way to improve the efficiency of its sales and customer service operations across all its business units. Systems MEA combined Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service with an integration of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain to create a one-of-a-kind worldwide CRM for the client, complete with sales, customer service, and marketing apps available to the business team.

With the goal of expanding CRM access throughout our clients' business units in FY-22, a team of CRM professionals has been tasked with conducting rollouts and implementation steps to provide full help to all our customers' untapped facilities.

Finally, to ensure a faultless supply chain and logistical performance for our customers, a specialized team of IT specialists from several fields was assembled to provide round-the-clock support. The digitalization of the world's top port operator demonstrates Systems MEA's unrivalled growth across all industry verticals, fuelled by Microsoft's revolutionary business apps.