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Systems Limited conducts a Team Building session for its newly promoted employees to Create Synergy

  • April 05, 2022

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April 05, 2022

Systems Limited company, has had remarkable growth over the past year and owes much to its exceptional workforce. Those who exceeded expectations were duly acknowledged and promoted for their dedication. Leading into 2022 with a spearhead strategy, Systems Limited conducted "Creating Synergy" – a team-building session fostering teamwork. 

This event provided an invaluable platform for cross-departmental connections and the exploration of growth avenues. Kicking off with an opening address by CEO Ammara Masood, the session featured insights from directors and department heads. They delved into their perspectives on Synergy, its significance for Systems Limited, and strategies to dismantle organizational barriers in favour of teamwork and collaboration. 

The session concluded with a team-building activity, symbolizing adaptability, delegation, support, team spirit, and awareness – crucial for synergy across Systems Limited workstreams. The event highlighted Systems Limited's path to nurturing collaboration and sustaining positive momentum ahead. 

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