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Systems Limited took a center stage as a Gold Sponsor at the Future Banking Summit 2022

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September 15, 2022

Systems Limited took on the role of a gold sponsor and showcased its offerings at the Future Banking Summit, which took place on September 15th, 2022, at Karachi's PC Hotel. The summit aimed to convene diverse stakeholders, professionals, and global experts for engaging dialogues about the future of banking and the pivotal trends in technological advancements within the banking sector.  

Future Banking Summit  

Esteemed industry experts and visionary thought leaders illuminated crucial subjects within the banking realm, including the digitization and commercialization of banks, tailoring the banking experience to individual customers, and the revitalization of digital core and cybersecurity. This event emerged as an invaluable platform for attendees to engage with prominent C-level executives from the banking community, in addition to fostering connections with fintech service providers. 

Syed Alay Raza Rizvi, Head of Governance and Consultation at Systems Limited, was honored with an invitation to join a panel of distinguished figures from the banking sector. The panelists engaged in a conversation themed "Digitizing Micro Payments – The Opportunity & the Challenges." The discourse delved into contemporary trends within digital banking, unveiling lesser-known dimensions of the cloud's role in facilitating digital applications. Furthermore, the discussion addressed the hurdles associated with Cloud-based Digital Banking or Payment Services, offering insights into both the potential and challenges of this digital landscape. 

Future Banking Summit  

The event served as a significant platform to foster connections with experts in both the banking and technology domains in Pakistan. Representatives from Systems Limited, alongside industry experts, engaged with members of the banking and IT communities. Meaningful interactions took place with prominent figures from the IT sector, during which Systems Limited, elucidated its unparalleled solutions and how they have the potential to revolutionize banks, guiding them towards a digital-first approach.  

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