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Chart a seamless journey to the cloud with us

We provide next generation Cloud-native implementation services to help our clients navigate their cloud journey securely. By leveraging our elaborate cloud partner ecosystem, our customers can make regulatory compliance simple, bolster security and add resiliency by transforming their banking infrastructure for the digital era. Our comprehensive cloud services enable banks to expedite their time to revenue as well as achieve faster business results, with less cost, risk, and disruption.
Let us help you define, execute, and manage your cloud strategy.

Chart a seamless journey to the cloud with us
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We specialize in modernizing and migrating enterprise Core and Digital platforms to enhance agility, mobility, and analytics capabilities, while leveraging the benefits of public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

  • Lift and Shift

    We follow a process led approach to identify, evaluate, and prioritize workloads to migrate existing on prem applications and data to the cloud. Take advantage of the scalability, security, and flexibility of the cloud without significant disruption to your banking operations. Our Lift and shift services include assessment & strategy, automated migration, application containerization, security, governance & testing.
  • XAAS: Everything as a Service

    Our Everything as a Service model allows clients the flexibility to re-shape their operating models and embrace digital transformation for new growth opportunities. With our comprehensive & premium cloud services, banks can revolutionize their digital landscape, make their operating models more agile and build future-ready banks that will scale. Our suite of cloud capabilities includes:
    • Platform as a Service
    • Software as a Service
    • Banking as a Service
    • Payment as a Service
    • Compliance as a Service
    • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Cloud Engineering & Automation

    With our hyper scalar capabilities, banks can scale their cloud infrastructure effortlessly and efficiently, ensuring the smooth and seamless delivery of applications and services. We provide unmatched cloud engineering and automation services ranging from Database Modernization, and DevSecOps to Infrastructure as a Code.
  • Hybrid Cloud Integration Services

    With our Hybrid cloud integration services, we efficiently connect your bank's existing on-premises infrastructure with cloud-based resources to create a unified and seamless environment. Our services include Assessment & Monitoring, EAI patterns, Modern integration as well as SOA & ESB capabilities. Leverage the benefits of both on-premises and cloud resources, such as scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness and build a future ready bank with us.

Our Accelerators

With our proven methodologies and approaches, our services will help you experience a hassle-free journey to the cloud.

Industry's Leading Technology Orchestrator

Our certified IT team can help you streamline your cloud banking needs, ensuring efficiency and innovation at scale

Unrivaled Ecosystem of Trusted Partners

Unrivaled Ecosystem of Trusted Partners

We leverage our partner ecosystem to seamlessly integrate enhanced services to enrich your cloud banking experience.

State of the art industry-tailored technologies & solutions

State of the art industry-tailored technologies & solutions

Benefit from industry-specific technologies and solutions customized to meet your unique banking needs.

Flexible & Scalable Adoption for Minimal Risk

Flexible & Scalable Adoption for Minimal Risk

Our adaptable approach allows you to adopt cloud banking solutions at your pace, ensuring maximum scalability with minimal disruption.

Seamlessly Integrated Third-Party Support

Enjoy a compatible architecture that effortlessly supports the integration of third-party services.

Proactive IT Support, Certified Data Centers & Microservices

Proactive IT Support, Certified Data Centers & Microservices

Our proactive IT support and certified data centers ensure robust security while seamless microservices enhance your system's performance.

Bank ABC collaborates with Temenos and Systems Limited to deploy Next-Generation Core Banking System

Today, marks a momentous milestone in our journey to build our bank of the future. Consolidating our banking systems on a single platform will give us a robust foundation to accelerate growth and create significant value for our stakeholders. Temenos offers an ideal Cloud-native solution with the breadth of banking functionality needed to support all spectrums of our wholesale and retail businesses. I am confident that this next-generation core banking system will drive further operational efficiencies for the Group, enabling us to become even more responsive and adaptive to our clients’ ever-evolving needs

Sael Al Waary

Acting Group CEO, Bank ABC

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Invest Bank expedites their digital transformation journey on Temenos Banking Cloud with Systems Limited

We are proud of this partnership with Temenos and NdcTech( A Systems Limited company) to transform our digital and core banking. We strive to be a pioneer when it comes to customer experience and digital services and with Temenos, the future is today. The bank's core and digital banking services will be working seamlessly together on a single platform. This will help us to foster innovation, automate workflows, as well as deliver digital experiences to meet our customers’ evolving needs faster and at a lower cost

Ahmad Mohamed Abu Eideh
CEO, Invest Bank

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