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Driving regulatory & security compliance to future proof banks

Tackle security and compliance threats with confidence

In today’s dynamic regulatory landscape, waves of regulations are keeping banks and financial institutions on their toes. Non-adherence to these changing regulations can expose banks to cyber-attacks and fraudulent activities.
That’s where our risk and compliance transformation capabilities come in. Our services are curated to help banks adhere to both local and global regulations and practices, while also ensuring their resilience against the threats of cybercrime.

Tackle security and compliance threats with confidence
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Explore how we can help your bank stay ahead of regulatory and security challenges with our bespoke services and advanced strategies.

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  • Financial crime mitigation

    We assist banks and financial institutions to meet regulatory compliance through enterprise-class financial crime mitigation solution implementation.  We enable you to know your customer better through due diligence, risk scoring, behavioral analysis, and a powerful data-driven model.
  • Financial risk management

    We offer holistic services on Temenos Financial Risk to help banks comply with regulatory requirements and mitigate potential risks. Our services include Risk & Reporting Data Sets, Credit Risk Modelling, and Market Risk Modelling.
  • InfoSec: Cyber risk protection

    We provide tailored security services to protect assets in the high-risk, digital era. Our services include cyber-protection services like attack surface analysis, network security & threat hunting, and rapid detection and remediation.

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