23rd Feb 2021

Automation – What’s the fuss?

While working with many customers I have noticed the non-integrated approach towards automation. There are many definitions, interpretations and manifestations of what are the essential ingredients of automation journey? Where to start? What are the tollgates? Is there a defined map? How to ensure the direction of navigation? What should be the measurement criteria of success? What are the pitfalls and risks one must be aware of?

Answering all these questions is too big for the scope of this article. Let us answer the first question to break down automation in three key areas of business process management, integration and robotic process automation. Take a look at below diagram:


BPM projects bring in enterprise-wide adaptability and are associated with cultural change. This makes them costlier and time consuming. Integration projects comparatively take lesser time to implement and cheaper than a typical BPM implementation. However human centric tasks and user experience is responsibility of channels and frontend apps. RPA projects are fastest and cheapest and can be completed within few weeks.

As we move from top to bottom; complexity, cost and time is decreased however scope of automation, nature of use cases and impact of automation on overall enterprise gets limited too. If you as an organization want to re-align your transformation strategy based on automation, think of these factors. All the 3 initiatives can run in parallel with different velocity and investment levels.

Innovation factors such as AI, IOT, 5G have put us on the edge where speed of transformation will define how close we get in redefining the plasticity of organizations and compete better.



Ovais Khan

Ovais Khan

Head of Integration at Systems Limited