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Post-pandemic economy and resilience of the BPO Industry

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Written by: Shahzad Tariq AVP | BPO ICBU

March 29, 2023

Businesses around the world are still wobbling from COVID-19’s impact. While the hope is mounting for a robust recovery with the rollout of vaccines globally, victory is still in the hands of the future. With the battle still on with the third wave, specialists are alarming us about the perils of re-opening too early and setting off a considerably deadlier fourth wave. Many organizations are trying things out and revisiting their business models to align with the new normal: contact-free commercialization.

For instance, the BPO industry has dealt with some deadly challenges during the pandemic. Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 crisis could never be considered as a real crisis for the BPO industry – it is and has been a crisis of the real economy. Nonetheless, amidst a worldwide recuperation, the BPO industry kept battling to regain its very much exploited pre-pandemic state. Let’s be honest – the economic shutdown (twice in 15 months in most cases) has caused unemployment and pushed businesses to wrap up. Corporate and personal defaults are on the rise, and these businesses and individuals are customers of the BPO industry – and when that occurs, economic collapse is bound to happen.

It is worth noting that BPO companies were very efficient in mitigating the challenges and rising above the disruptions. Despite not being prepared for such a situation like any other sector, they quickly adjusted their model and switched to the remote work model. Today, BPO companies have transformed into using the latest technologies to enhance service performance. By leveraging modern techniques and adopting vigilant management, the BPO industry efficiently managed remote teams and met strict SLAs. Sticking to the desk to ensure every request is promptly attended to is a thing of the past.

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