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June 07, 2022

With countless new ideas around transformative technology, the era of digital enablement is here. We all know businesses are willing to adopt emerging technology. But, how?  

Old-fashioned business models are no longer viable in the fast-paced digital world of today. Gartner field experts predict that in 2022, intelligent enterprise systems will generate as much as 70% more customer engagement for companies. 

These digital power tools are fueled by an array of highly progressive technologies: Machine Learning (ML), customer analytics, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), to name a few.  

Another honourable mention along these lines is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) which is gaining wider attraction as organizations tend to invest more in connected workplaces in 2022. 

RISE with SAP is a similar kind of offer that we will discuss in this blog, how it can support your business needs, and what intelligent enterprise capabilities it brings to the table.  

What is RISE with SAP? 

RISE with SAP is a comprehensive bundling of SAP offerings that focuses primarily on Business-Transformation-as-a-service (BTaaS). It empowers enterprises to create efficient operating models and garner agility and visibility over business processes to stay current in today’s digital disruption.  

What does your enterprise get from RISE with SAP? 

Innovation is when you decide to fine-tune your organization without risking your mission-critical systems. This is what RISE with SAP offers to your business. 

Staying competitive in this rapidly changing environment is your key survival instinct. As a business leader, you must quickly alter your digital adoption strategy and accept advances that have the potential to significantly impact your consumer experience.  

This means being up to date on digital transformation developments. RISE with SAP with its cloud-first capabilities is an all-in-one ERP powerhouse that increases agility and decreases immobility for your business.  

Here is a glimpse of what RISE with SAP offers as a comprehensive enterprise suite: 

  • Cloud-based ERP to accelerate you toward business goals 
  • Data-driven analytics for intelligent business processes  
  • Countless scaling options based on industry best practices 
  • Outcome-based SAP and partner services 

Taking the road to transformation  

Transitioning to a robust ERP solution is essential but it could be daunting at times, particularly for emerging businesses. SAP has devised a formula to assure maximum business continuity and simplicity of use.  

Redefining the meaning of ‘intelligent enterprises’, RISE with SAP helps you make the shift to powerful cloud-based ERP.  

You get SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP Business Network, and SAP Business Intelligence services all under one roof with RISE with SAP.  

Regardless of your starting place, you must design a unique approach that helps you push the paddle for digital transformation. 

Let’s divide your transformation journey through RISE with SAP into 3 simple steps. 

Step #1 – You decide how to take the lead 

Whether you want to adopt the top-down or bottom-up approach, RISE with SAP has got you covered. You can collaborate with partners across and outside your organization and decide how to propel your business on a wider scale. Intelligent SAP technology allows you to: 

  • Create sustainable and human-centric innovation models 
  • Sell and deliver products with a unique market approach 
  • Maximize revenue flow with highly automated processes 

Step #2 – Pushing the digital accelerator  

RISE with SAP is far beyond just technology – it is intelligent technology. It crafts a mechanism for you to explore your business processes, identify and analyze which ones are performing better, and upscale as per top industry standards. With SAP, you can: 

  • Embrace finance transformation with a single real-time consolidated system 
  • Create business visibility to achieve strategic goals and organizational agility 
  • Leverage artificial intelligence for facilitating key business processes 

Step #3 – Securing your road to success 

Don’t you think legacy systems are no longer an option? Next-generation cloud ERP solutions are now popular because they deliver ‘value, not promises. Transforming your enterprise ecosystem becomes effortless when you have SAP to automate and secure your mission-critical systems and contribute to your digital growth. Here’s how: 

  • Enable seamless cross-organizational collaboration and reporting  
  • Safeguard sensitive enterprise data with built-in automated data protection 
  • Rapidly integrate and switch through multiple business applications  

Innovation starts where limitation ends  

If you’re a business leader, your number one goal is to lead your company from the front. Doing so requires you to introduce innovation. With the right mindset and tools in place, you can end limitations and start your road to innovation.  

RISE with SAP powers your organization to achieve your goals by meeting customer expectations and accelerating your global growth – which you can get with powerful cloud ERP capabilities.  

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