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Top three must-have digital security features

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February 27, 2019

Big companies like Facebook, FIFA, and Google+ were targets of some of the biggest cybersecurity breaches of 2018. These large enterprises can afford top-of-the-line security systems, and they certainly have them present and operational in their infrastructure. They had protection, and yet their security was compromised. So what precautions do you have in place to keep your company from appearing on this list in 2019?

Competition and consumer pressure have made digital transformation a necessity for businesses of all sizes. A growing number of companies are adopting digital technologies to improve operational agility and efficiency, and this digitalization has increased the number of potential attack vectors that cybercriminals have to choose from. Businesses have begun to prioritize cybersecurity as part of their strategic business goals.

With cybercrime now being regarded as “the greatest threat to every company in the world”, businesses need to up their security game. Modern security solutions include many important features, but the following core capabilities have become absolutely pivotal to protecting businesses and their data from today’s sophisticated InfoSec threats.

Security Threat Detection

Cyber threats have steadily grown in complexity, becoming harder to detect. The impact of these attacks has also grown in magnitude from millions to billions of dollars lost every year. Businesses now require top-tier security systems to proactively defend themselves against these threats to their business operations, trade secrets, and reputation.

Modern security solutions offer organizations comprehensive visibility into their enterprise infrastructure and data security for intelligent threat detection and response. IBM's QRadar is one example of an advanced threat protection solution that automatically identifies and analyzes threats earlier in the attack cycle using advanced analytics and machine learning for timely response.

Data Security/Protection

Your data is one of your most valuable assets, so securing it is of paramount importance. Recent cyberattacks have demonstrated that data integrity and confidentiality has become absolutely crucial for businesses. Studies show that a data breach can cost your business around $3.86 million in 2018… no small amount.

Modern security solutions enable businesses to ensure the privacy, security, and integrity of their sensitive data with just a few clicks. IBM's Guardium is a unified data protection framework that helps you protect your critical data and analyze your data risk.

Security Incident Response

Imagine that unfortunately, your security systems have been compromised. How prepared is your company to respond to the cyberattack? Companies require an organized approach to manage the consequences of a security breach and contain the damage, recovery time, and cost.

Many solutions automate incident response for companies to overcome complex cyberattacks. One such solution is Resilient by IBM, which offers comprehensive privacy breach preparation and response for complicated security incidents.


The benefits of digital security are unquestionable in a time when data theft has become as costly as the theft of money. Without the critical digital security features listed above, your business’s security will always be at risk. IBM’s suite of security products includes solutions that offer unparalleled protection for your business. Systems experts are experienced in implementing IBM security products for prominent businesses in the region. Get in touch with Systems to secure your operations.