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Hyperautomation: Moving Businesses beyond RPA” cohosted by Systems Limited and IBM

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March 16, 2021

Tuesday, March 16, 2021 – Systems Limited, in collaboration with IBM, hosted “Hyperautomation: Moving Businesses beyond RPA” at Mövenpick Hotel, Karachi. The event focused on how RPA has enabled businesses to automate repetitive tasks and incur lower costs, but it is time to look beyond that. Hyperautomation, a combination of multiple machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and automation tools, helps address issues, such as ever-evolving customer demands, scaling enterprise processes, and key operational challenges.

The event started with a keynote speech by Sarfaraz Paracha, VP, of Client Engagement at Systems Limited. He emphasized automation should not be perceived as a people eliminator. It allows companies to focus on the better utilization of human intelligence and expertise. “Hyperautomation isn’t a project but a program with AI and ML capabilities to drive efficiencies and it is an ongoing process,” he said. Results from automation-driven projects should not be expected overnight as it takes time to reduce human error and costs, maximize efficiency, and boost business growth, he further explained.

While discussing the network and process of the entire automation journey, Ovais Khan, Head of Integrations at Systems Limited, shared a use case. He explained how Systems Limited evaluated the business processes of a foreign company, helped prioritize its processes to develop a framework, and devised a critical model with extensive capabilities to help it meet its KPIs.

“There is a cultural change that is associated with technological excellence and transformation. By conducting training sessions, we helped the company understand how RPA adds value to the business”, Ovais Khan shared.

The most anticipated session began when Asim Noorani, Hybrid Cloud Technical Sales Lead at IBM, took over the stage and discussed key operational challenges faced by companies and how hyper-automation poses a solution to those challenges. “RPA is a complete journey. It is not a one-off project. “You need to optimize the use cases and value them until you start seeing their full potential across the enterprise,” he said.

Asim Noorani’s technical presentation was followed by an insightful demonstration session by Muhammad Usman Khan, Senior Managing Consultant – Process Automation at Systems Limited, and Shaukat Abidi, Senior Advisory Software Engineer, Data & AI at Systems Limited. While answering the questions of our interactive audience, our demonstrators and speakers explained the use cases of various industries and elucidated potential solutions.

Sarfaraz Paracha wrapped up the event with some closing remarks

The event concluded with networking sessions on hyper-automation between attendees and experts.


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