18th Jul 2023

Systems Limited stands firmly with Jugnu in their next chapter of growth

Jugnu, leading B2B e-commerce in Pakistan, has been on a mission to empower small and medium businesses for the last few years helping empower 100,000+ retail stores across Pakistan with digital and physical procurement solutions. In this journey, Jugnu built a deep tech stack that covered the entire suite of B2B e-commerce from customer acquisition, retention, and procurement to last-mile delivery. 

In a strategic change and keeping in view the macroeconomic realities, the company is going forward toward an asset-lite model that supports higher scalability and flexibility while continuing to live to its mission of lightening up neighbourhoods across Pakistan. 

Jugnu team has a proven track record of bootstrapping their way to building successful scalable SaaS businesses in the past used across the CPG/FMCG industry. The experience and expertise of the founders and management team is validated by the strong financial reporting and control systems (SAP Automation), process controls and having audits led by a big 4 firm for the entirety of its operations since inception. Jungu is not shutting down, Jungu is doubling down on its digital strength to fulfill the same mission. 

In the coming chapter of Jugnu, the board and the shareholders firmly stand behind the Jugnu team and its founders to continue their mission of empowering small and medium businesses in Pakistan and remain bullish on the opportunities in this space.