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Systems Limited and Microsoft co-hosted a live webinar on elevating customer checkout experiences using D365

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November 29, 2023

November 22, 2023 – Systems Limited, in collaboration with Microsoft hosted a live webinar on “Elevate customer checkout experiences at PoS with retail enhancements using Dynamics 365” delving into how enterprises leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 by offering 360-degree personalized experiences at every touchpoint in the customer journey.  

Starting off with the webinar as host was David Brennan – VP Sales ANZ at Systems APAC, who introduced the guests and presented a brief round-up about Systems as a global SI integrator, its global footprint and its network of technology partners across the world.  

Moving forward Ali Isfahany – VP of Microsoft Business Applications at Systems APAC, talked about Systems APAC’s and Microsoft’s 15-year-long partnership with 2000+ certified Microsoft resources, and 350+ clients. He also shed light on the PoS customer experiences where Dynamics 365 and business interfaces with the customer in an all-important store environment. 

James Mather – Solutions Specialist, Business Applications at Microsoft continued the discussion by exploring the unified customer journey and how connected consumers expect a user-friendly, seamless experience across a dynamic, personalized journey that bridges the digital and physical divide. He also elaborated on digital and in-store experiences, and customer loyalty programs and intelligent order management can add greater value to overall. 

While emphasizing the importance of single-connected customer experiences he quoted Forbes, “While 20% of your customers account for 150% of your profits, a huge 75% of people have switched brands over the past few years.” 

Up next was Nafay Siddiqui – Solutions Specialist, Business Applications at Microsoft who touched upon the need to understand your customers better and having a 360-degree customer profile across various channels, particularly point-of-sales which could greatly help enterprises segment their customers and deliver tailored experiences.  

The webinar also featured a few case studies of Systems’ clients that focused particularly on the implementation of Dynamics 265 and PoS extension for retail enhancements followed by technical demonstrations of the projects that offered insights into how Systems’ capabilities as a retail leader in the industry.  

Access the complete webinar here: and gain a competitive advantage in the retail landscape.  

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