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Systems Limited and NdcTech join forces to drive banking innovation

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June 17, 2022


Systems Limited, a leading global IT company has successfully acquired NdcTech. This strategic acquisition marks a significant achievement for both organizations. Leveraging NdcTech’s unparalleled expertise in revolutionizing global banks alongside Systems Limited extensive market reach will open up new opportunities for growth. It will also facilitate the development of cross-industry skills, the pooling of knowledgeable talent, and the creation of value for all stakeholders. 

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A formal signing ceremony took place in Karachi to commemorate this strategic acquisition. The event saw the presence of key figures including Mr. Asif Peer, CEO of Systems Limited, Ammara Masood, Global Industries GM BFS, Systems Limited and important members of Systems Limited team. 

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During the ceremony, Mr. Asif Peer addressed Systems Limited employees, shedding light on the recent acquisition, the rationale behind this collaboration, and the collective path forward for both organizations. 

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