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Systems Limited attends TKO 2022 to explore the upcoming financial sector trends

  • January 21, 2022

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Temenos Kick Off 2022 brought together global Temenos partners for insights into the financial sector's latest trends. This event served as a networking platform, offering a glimpse into Temenos' upcoming initiatives aimed at enhancing the banking landscape. 

Systems Limited’s long-standing partnership with Temenos over the past year was highlighted during TKO 2022, providing an ideal setting for collaborative thinking with the Temenos Team to strategize for the future. 

Behram Ahmed, Chairman of NdcTech and Ammara Masood, Global Industries GM BFS, Systems Limited, actively participated in this event, engaging in global networking and knowledge exchange.  

The announcement of Temenos' Impact Partner Program marked a pivotal moment. The program is designed to empower partners in establishing new business avenues and expanding capabilities across geographical regions. This partner-centric approach aligns with Temenos' mission to become the preferred open banking platform for both customers and partners alike. 

A significant revelation at the event was the introduction of Composable Banking Services, a Temenos offering available on the Banking Cloud platform. This innovative service aims to streamline continuous integration, delivery, and swift testing through a self-service portal. It provides flexibility for easy configuration, extension, or deployment in diverse settings. 

Furthermore, TKO 2022 initiated discussions led by prominent Temenos leaders, focusing on the growing trend of banking as a service. The event successfully deepened partnerships and enriched understanding of the evolving financial landscape. 


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