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Systems Limited integrates Hysab Kytab's PFM into Bank of Punjab's Digital App

  • January 10, 2022

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January 10, 2022

Personal Financial Management

The Bank of Punjab is set to incorporate a native FinTech solution, Hysab Kytab's Personal Finance Management (PFM), into its Digital Banking offerings. This strategic partnership is facilitated by Systems Limited. Embracing the renowned Temenos Digital Banking platform, The Bank of Punjab has procured the solution for all its channels spanning across Pakistan. 

Within this strategic partnership, Hysab Kytab will license its Personal Financial Management (PFM) solution, subsequently integrated by Systems Limited to deliver an advanced user experience tailored for mobile and internet users. Upon integration, this application will offer users a comprehensive perspective of their financial engagements, encompassing features such as expense tracking, budget planning, savings goal monitoring, personalized insights, and more. The incorporation of PFM will empower users to make well-informed financial decisions, guided by additional analytics. Notably, Hysab Kytab's consumer app boasts users across 160+ countries, contributing to over 12 million transactions and ongoing growth. 

Hysab Kytab’s Personal Financial Management (PFM) tool will allow BOP’s customers to view their financial information on one big picture. Customers may create budgets and track their expenses, achieve their dreams by creating saving goals, know their net worth and have access to visualization of their category-wise spending, track subscriptions, view trends, have access to their spending and cash flow insights, and much more.

Core Banking System

Yasir Ilyas
Global Head,Hysab Kytab

NdcTech focuses on building Banks of the future, enabling them to become digital first. Through Hysab Kytab’s PFM & NdcTech’s extensive expertise in Banking Implementations, The Bank of Punjab will be able to provide its digital users with a holistic view of their finances, empowering them to make sound financial decisions. We look forward to creating an amazing digital user experience.

Core Banking System

Navaid Kareem
Director Sales and SEVP, NdcTech

Digital financial services are rapidly becoming a customer lifestyle, our customers expect personalized banking services available to them at their fingertips, round the clock, anywhere and everywhere. At The Bank of Punjab Our Customer is at the heart of everything we do, all our digital initiatives are built around achieving contextualized and excellent customer experience, Personal Finance Management is one of the key digital capabilities we are set to build for our customers. We are excited to partner with NdcTech and Hysab Kytab to implement their market leading PFM solution embedded in our Mobile app and internet banking solution. Though PFM adoption is generally low in the country, we shall strive to design it in a user-friendly manner in order to enhance adoption.

Core Banking System

Zahid Mustafa
Group Chief Consumer and Digital Banking, The Bank of Punjab

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