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Systems Limited & Red Hat partner to leverage cloud native & open-source enterprise solutions

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August 20, 2022

Systems Limited a premier IT consulting firm, has collaborated with Red Hat, the forefront leader in enterprise open-source solutions. This strategic partnership is set to revolutionize the financial landscape by harnessing the power of cloud-native, open-source technologies to provide unparalleled solutions for financial institutions.  

In a landmark move, Red Hat has officially recognized Systems Limited as a regional systems integrator for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa within the framework of this collaboration. Notably, Systems Limited also stands as one of the exclusive 42 implementation partners for Temenos, which recently partnered with Red Hat, facilitating the seamless integration of open-source solutions with Temenos' cloud-native banking services. Systems Limited's unwavering commitment to close collaboration with Temenos and Red Hat positions them at the forefront of guiding financial institutions in their digital transformation journeys using Temenos' Infinity and Transact solutions, seamlessly hosted on Red Hat OpenShift, the leading enterprise Kubernetes platform.  

As a part of this collaboration, Red Hat and Systems Limited initiated with a pilot program which entails Systems Limited consultants certified in the Temenos domain to acquire comprehensive Training and first-hand experience on Red Hat solutions, including OpenShift and Application Services. Limited meticulous execution ensures the delivery of a holistic, integrated environment to the end customers. This pilot program stands as a cornerstone, enabling Systems Limited to offer enhanced cloud-native deployment options for both Temenos and Red Hat solutions, catering to the unique needs of their customers.  

The comprehensive open hybrid cloud portfolio from Red Hat brings heightened scalability and flexibility, bolstered by advanced security features. This combination works to effectively cut down costs for organizations, enabling them to provide smoother customer experiences and services on a hybrid cloud framework. Through this strategic partnership, Systems Limited and Red Hat are poised to tap into new markets, presenting solutions driven by cutting-edge cloud-native technologies. Additionally, they aim to provide enhanced customer support through well-crafted go-to-market strategies.  

We are delighted to have a strategic collaboration with Red Hat at a global level, the world’s leading provider of open-source enterprise solutions. Through this collaboration, we will build expertise in the latest cloud-native and containerized modern stacks using Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Application Services supporting Temenos solutions. Systems Limited will now transform its banking clients on the most modern architectures and fast pace their modernization journeys onto the cloud. We also believe that this will further strengthen our capabilities and vision to build banks of the future.

Core Banking System

Global Industries GM Banking and Financial Services, Systems Limited

Collaborating with a robust ecosystem of capable, expert partners such as Systems Limited is critical in supporting customers within the financial services industry and beyond to better build and manage hybrid cloud environments at the scale and speed they need. In establishing this pilot program with Systems Limited we are bringing together expertise across Red Hat, Temenos and Systems Limited to better enable customers with digital banking solutions built on Red Hat open hybrid cloud solutions such as Red Hat OpenShift. Having been recently named as Technology Partner of the Year by Temenos, Red Hat looks forward to collaborating with other Temenos partners like Systems Limited to translate to solid technical foundation into business value for our banking customers.

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Rob Spittel
Director, Global FSI Ecosystem, Red Hat

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