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Systems MEA featured in Evolve’23 – a dedicated event on data technologies as a Gold Partner of Cloudera

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May 18, 2023

On Thursday, 18 May 2023, the Museum of the Future, one of Dubai's renowned monuments, held Cloudera Evolve'23, a particularly looked forward to global in-person event series that highlighted futuristic data technology's potential. Systems MEA was a proud Gold Partner of the event, where we highlighted our data abilities and potential.

The event commenced with an opening ceremony and a series of targeted sessions hosted by Merv Adrian, who has previously been associated with Giga Information Group, Gartner, and Forrester. The panel also included discussions from key decision holders that are a part of Cloudera, IBM, Emirates, AWS, Dell, Red Hat, and other top technology manufacturers and enterprises. Furthermore, there were group meetings with industry experts highlighting the finest practices and breakthroughs in contemporary data architectures such as data lake house, data mesh, data fabric, and client success stories. There were also hands-on examples of building an open, multi-cloud data lake house, handling streaming data pipelines, and the most recent machine learning (ML) abilities.

Among the experts who were present in the breakout session was also the Head of Data Analytics Delivery for MEA, Atta Ullah Shah. Atta walked the audience down the big data evolution journeys for their organizations. While speaking at the break-out session, Shah said, “A mindset change is imperative when it comes to data platforms for our clients.”

Adding to his presentation about the performance of data platforms, Shah said “It is about the value of data insights supported by technology with fast performance to reach judgments and analytical insights, not just technology.” As he talked about the vitality of Cloudera’s Big Data Platform, Shah stated, “By using Cloudera Big Data Platform, clients can have access to important analytical insights, significantly improved data processing, that enables customers to make quicker and improved decisions.” To sum it up, Evolve’23 was a unique and brilliant affair for all data aspirants. It aptly represents a business-focused future powered by data technologies. We, as proud partners of Cloudera, intend to push our limits and play a substantial role in building a progressive business sector of MEA fuelled by the disruptive impact of data technologies.

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