Scanning, Indexing, and Archiving Services

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Reduce cost, increase efficiency, and achieve high performance

From digitizing of historical data, to automation of on-going business functions; our array of scanning services can complement towards achieving your business objective. Other than supporting Data entry, Scanning services can be utilized for distinctive business needs.

Preservation of Tenure & Evidential Record

Documents of business importance need to be preserved for future referencing requirement, but due to natural deterioration of paper & ink it gets challenging, risky and has a substantial contribution to operational efficiency & overheads. Deteriorated paper with its fragility is a main challenge when it comes to physical preservation options and for avoiding such hassle, risk and continual cost; scanning services can be utilized for converting hard data into digital copies. This digitized data is readily available for referencing and is stored meticulously for avoiding data loss.

Digitization as Process Automation

For processes involving continual transactions based upon physical documents owned by external stakeholders; automation becomes challenging. Systems Limited offers scanning services embedded within automated processes of our clients for resolving the dependency of physical record movement and processing. Processes involving substantial public dealing, when automated and embedded with scanning services tend to yield greater value in terms of cost effectiveness and coverage.