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The promise of advanced connectivity by 5G

5G is a complete game changer as it will redefine how the world connects. 

It is all set to spearhead the next industrial revolution, as it will reportedly drive $13.2 trillion of global economic value by 2035 (IHS Markit). Billions of 5G devices are generating massive waves of data. Resultantly, driving new ways to solve emerging challenges and accelerating business growth.  

The intersection of the 5G and advanced data analytics will offer technology innovation, valuable business insights, and imbue intelligence all across the network and related operations. With this purpose-built technology to support connected devices and automation systems, the possibilities are endless for 5G vendors. 

But what should network operators expect, and how can they get more mileage from the convergence of 5G and data analytics? In this paper, we aim to cover the following aspects: 

Role of Integrated Analytics Functions 
Predictive analytics in 5G networks and network intelligence functions 
Edge computing & analytics offering intelligent insights to 5G vendors 
Cognitive Analytics using AL/ML in 5G 
The rise in the trend of own private network management 

Leverage our leading-edge Data and Analytics services as it is the time to think big and take part in the 5G revolution. 

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