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Future-Proof Your Career with IT Mustakbil Training Program Batch 2

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Are you tired of constantly battling to stay upwardly mobile in an ever-changing job market? Do you want to stay relevant, acquire new skills, and stay ahead of the curve? Look no further; the IT Mustakbil Training Program Batch 2 is the answer.

This Training Program would equip the participants with industry-specific training that would guarantee the professional growth of the participants. With a duration and timeline that suits the schedule of the participants, our expert trainers would glide the participants across the training module by providing hands-on training and career guidance to touch the new skies. Plus, upon the completion of the Diploma, participants would receive a certificate as an acknowledgement of newly acquired skills. Don't miss the chance! Enrol now in the IT Mustakbil Training Program Batch 2 today and transform your career.

Explore the ever-changing Job Market

The job market- in Pakistan and around the world is constantly evolving, so it's essential to stay tuned with the latest trends. Today’s world is driven by technology; gone are the days of job security and sticking to one profession throughout one’s professional career. In the globalized world, the integration of technology has transformed the entire scenario of creating and grabbing opportunities in emerging fields; adaptability and continuous learning are the keys to success and this is what this Training Program focuses on.

We believe in nurturing tech-savvy professionals who would be the best fit in the job market. Here IT Mustakbil Training Program Batch 2 comes in. This program aims to prepare participants with up-to-the-minute expertise and skills in high-demand fields such as web development, business process automation, DevOps and Mobility. With the hands-on training and access to industry experts in this program, enrollees would acquire the agility to thrive in the job market. Whether you're a student, a recent graduate, or someone who wants to switch careers, this program promises you an edge over the competition.

Why enroll in the IT Mustakbil Training Program Batch 2?

Let's face it – the job market is tough. With an ever-increasing pool of graduates and a lack of available jobs, it's becoming harder and harder to find work. But when there is an ache for being competitive and to stand out from the crowd, be smart. Look no further than the IT Mustakbil Training Program Batch 2!

By joining this program, participants would have access to industry experts and skilled trainers who would help the participants to make capital out of their time and effort.  Does anybody have any idea of the most intriguing part of the IT Mustakbil Training Program? That is, participants would be nurtured and trained by offering exclusively engaging and practical training experience that would let the participants up in the job market. But that's not all – the kingpin of this Training Program is Career Mentorship and Support & bountiful Networking that would be offered to the participants so they could steer their way towards their dream job. Don't let YOURSELF fall behind in a rapidly changing job market. Enroll In The IT Mustakbil Training Program Batch 2!

What would participants learn?

All participants ought to expect a rigorous and comprehensive Training Module after being enrolled in IT Mustakbil Training Program Batch 2. This program is a complete solution to meet the impulsive needs of the tech market of the 21st Century. On completion of fundamental courses, participants would master the below-mentioned specializations with the help of expert IT professionals:

  • DevOps – Open Source/AWS/Azure
  • Serverless – AWS/Azure
  • Integrations, Middleware & APIs
  • Business Process Automation – UI Path
  • Mobility – Android
  • Mobility – Flutter

Our experienced faculty and industry-expert trainers would train the participants to apply the knowledge in real-time situations that would buff up the confidence of the participants would lead them to explore new horizons with better understanding.

Success Stories Batch 1

Meet our star performers of Batch

Sana Ahmed, 1st Position Holder
Joined Systems as Consultant - AWS

Mehwish Naseer, 2nd Position Holder
Joined Systems as Junior Consultant - AWS

Essam Ur Rehman, 3rd Position Holder
Joined Systems as Trainee Consultant - Azure

These participants were making hard efforts to excel in their respective fields. As a resort to their problems, these participants decided to enrol in the IT Mustakbil Program. At that time, who knew they would be the toppers of the first batch and would be the winners of the golden opportunities to thrive in their careers? Our toppers along with a number of other successful graduates joined Systems Limited in the domains of Business Process Automation, Banking Financial Solutions, Integrations and Cloud Infrastructure. Our program alumni also attest to the value gained from this program, claiming the training enabled them to be zealous in the job market. Are you the next? Enrol now and #FutureProofYourCareer!

How to enrol in the Program?

Enrolling in IT Mustakbil Training Program Batch 2 is easy! Simply sign up at, fill out the registration form, and submit it before the deadline. The eligibility criteria are 14 years of education plus 2 years of experience or 16 years of education in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics or Finance. The selection criteria include Academic Record 50%, Entry Test 20% and Interview 30%. The program is highly affordable with a monthly fee of 5000 PKR only. Don't miss the chance to future-proof your career. Act now!


Continuous upskilling and reskilling are crucial in the contemporary job market. By participating in IT Mustakbil Training Program Batch 2, participants would witness better employability chances in the corporate world. Get yourself registered! Don't miss out on the chance to flounce your career with us at IT Mustakbil Training Program.