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Taking an Evolutionary Leap to create a Revolutionary Impact in the Banking Industry

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January 19, 2024

We are excited to announce the merger of NdcTech brand with Systems Limited. Today marks a milestone in the growth journey of our companies and the evolution of the global banking industry.  

This change is more than cosmetic; it signifies a profound transformation within. We're not just altering our name; we're redefining our identity, strengthening our global footprint, and unifying our diverse strengths. As we merge our brand into Systems Limited, we bring with us 23 years of rich legacy, thousands of successfully delivered projects, and a wealth of expertise. 

With this step, we are ready to take on new challenges, opportunities and reimagine possibilities in the banking technology landscape. We are now positioned to provide a full suite of disruptive technology services with our collective years of System Integration, Core & Digital banking experience, which will enable our clients to embark on a journey of innovation and transformation. 

Our customers have always been the driving force behind our passion. We've witnessed their amazing achievements as they leverage our transformative services to reach new heights. We thank all our customers in the global banking industry who have chosen us as their strategic partner over these years. Their success stories serve as constant inspiration, pushing us to innovate and deliver the best possible services constantly.    

With this move, we are on the journey of building exceptional partnerships and relationships to create a monumental impact in the global banking industry. We envision to rethink processes, rebuild capabilities, reimagine technology, reinvent systems, restructure infrastructures, and redefine banking for the customers with our comprehensive and proven transformation capabilities.  

This isn't just a rebrand; it's a promise that Systems Limited, with its enriched capabilities, will continue to engineer business value for its clients in ways that are not just transformative but revolutionary. With this leap, we’re only scratching the surface, and the future holds even more exciting innovations and milestones for Systems Limited.  

Join us on this exciting journey. Explore our new website, delve into the possibilities, and let's collectively shape the future of banking.