Enterprise Asset Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX

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Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for Microsoft Dynamics AX is a powerful solution that empowers businesses to improve capital asset management in ways that boost reliability, optimize predictive maintenance and ensure regulatory compliance. It provides a single, real-time view of all the assets across the organization. Whether you maintain your own assets or service your customers’ assets, EAM for Microsoft Dynamics AX, being available in specialized editions, is preconfigured to focus on the distinct business requirements for a range of industries – including Manufacturing, Dealerships, Facilities Services Providers, Construction, Real Estate, Power Generation, Aviation, Mining, and Oil & Gas.

With a world class Microsoft Dynamics AX consulting and development team, Systems Limited employs the industry’s best practices to manage your physical assets and turn the organization’s physical asset management process into your competitive advantage.

Our Microsoft Dynamics AX services help you:

  • Improve operational efficiency through better reliability, availability and asset utilization;
  • By providing single and unified view of all information related to assets and eliminating disparate data resources;
  • Maximize profits by increasing uptime of assets and reducing inventory costs;
  • By ensuring compliance with safety and health regulations;
  • Improve decision-making through consolidating and analyzing essential information on all classes of assets.