IBM® Business Process Manager

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IBM® Business Process Manager Standard is a comprehensive Business Process Management Platform (BPM), providing full visibility and insight to managing business operations. It offers tooling and run time for process design, implementation, monitoring and optimization, together with basic system integration. IBM Business Process Manager Standard is an ultimate choice for multi-project improvement programs that emphasize on workflow and output, ascending easily from initial project to enterprise-wide programs. 

IBM BPM delivers market leading experiences that can help your organizations:

  • Improve business processes with real-time visibility of all the tasks in progress through continuous process monitoring and analytics.
  • Accelerate task completion with the help of robust collaboration skills.
  • Manage change confidently and intuitive governance.
  • Provide more significant customer engagements by extending business processes to mobile.
  • Deliver continuous insights into business operations through seamless integration of business processes with core enterprise systems.