IBM WebSphere Commerce

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E-commerce is no longer confined to online selling. In fact, it has evolved to become more about delivering a reliable shopping experience across mobile, social and in-store. IBM WebSphere Commerce is a customizable, scalable, and readily accessible solution that lets you to deliver a unified, omni-channel shopping experience using relevant content, marketing, and promotions, and further extends your brand across digital and physical channels.

IBM WebSphere Commerce offers a potent customer interaction platform for handling multiple channel commerce transactions. Be it a small business type or a large enterprise, it can be used by companies of all sizes no matter what industry they belong to. With its simple and easy tools for business users, you can manage all your business operations with a cross-channel strategy to help you plan and manage precision marketing campaigns, promotions, and merchandising across all point of sales. Being a single, integrated platform, it provides the ability to do business directly with consumers (B2C), or with businesses (B2B), as well as indirectly managing through channel partners (indirect business models).

With our expertise, we can enhance your business strategy beyond simple online order placing to delivering a seamless, cross-channel buying experience and power all of your selling process, simplifying your business mechanism.

  • Improve your customer’s online buying experience.
  • Help you close more business by means of enticing promotions and product recommendations.
  • Increase business revenue by extending your ways within new sales channels.
  • Reduce costs by automating all your manual sales processes.