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Retail’s moment of truth

Industry landscape and consumer trends are evolving rapidly the retail and CPG sector must keep a pulse on both. With the rise of eCommerce, personalized shopping experience, and disrupted supply chain ecosystem, the industry has transformed at an accelerated pace. The need of the hour is to reinvent stores through in-store personalization, enhance the omnichannel experience, and streamline operations across the supply chain and your enterprise.

Retail’s moment of truth
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Emerging frontier of retail & CPG

With next-gen technology at the core, we partner with retailers to redefine customer experience and renew processes. We help retailers understand consumer behavior and discover business growth opportunities that drive footfall, web traffic, and influence buyer’s journey.

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  • Profitability through data-driven strategy

    Equipping retailers with advanced data platforms to leverage customers for informed decision-making about shifting trends and individual preferences, resulting in improved alignment with the market and boosting profits.
  • Resiliency across the supply chain

    Ensure your local supply chain is equipped to adapt to changing consumer demands, including sustainable and last-mile delivery. Improve supply chain resiliency by improving visibility, increasing planning agility, and maximizing the uptime of its assets.
  • Seamless omnichannel experience

    Empowering retailers to reset their stores to fully integrate physical and online stores and deliver personalized and consistent omniconnected experiences across all channels. We help you mitigate the complex customer journey by meeting your customers where they are.
  • Operational efficiency through agility

    Enabling retailers to drive operational excellence, adapt to new business models, and improve productivity and efficiency by refreshing operational processes and management systems. So, you can serve the changing needs of customers today and tomorrow.

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Success stories of transforming retail & CPG


Streamlining eCommerce experience for high-end fashion brand

Boosted cross-selling potential by streamlining their customer experience using Salesforce and installing an AI-driven product recommendation engine.

Global health supplements retailer enables omnichannel customer experience

Unified client’s eCommerce and ERP platform for consistent, personalized, customer experience and to improve operational efficiency

Unified experience at a leading retail store

A single and fully-integrated cloud & ERP-based solution for retail, supply chain, and finance, enabling centralized management. 

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