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Grow with All-in-One Business Management Solution


Drive growth and productivity with connected business processes

Businesses strive for growth, but that growth needs to be supported with the right systems that can keep up with rising demand, provide valuable insights to make smarter decisions, connect business processes, enhance employee productivity, and ensure security and compliance.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a complete cloud business management solution that enables small and medium businesses to streamline and secure business processes, improve customer experiences, and make better decisions by connecting their financial, sales, services, and operational processes. It delivers comprehensive process connectivity with speed, performance, and intelligent insights to help you realize your business vision.


Enhance your financial management

Improved financial visibility

Make informed business-critical decisions with real-time monitoring of key performance metrics through built-in Power BI dashboards.

Quicker account closing

AI-powered Cortana Intelligence lets you predict late payments against sales invoices and proactively take necessary action.

Improved forecasting accuracy

Efficiently model and analyze data from multiple sources with Cortana Intelligence to elevate your cash flow forecasting accuracy.







Enrich Customer Experience

Efficient sales pipeline management

Efficient sales pipeline management Explore the best opportunities for r upselling, cross-selling and renewal by prioritizing sales leads based on potential revenue.

Enhanced sales process efficiency

Streamline sales inquiries, service requests and payment processing with a strong Microsoft Outlook integration.

Customer service excellence

Get a full view of the service task pipeline, workloads and employee expertise and efficiently resolve issues by assigning them to the right resource.









Boost operational efficiency

Streamlined production planning

Use safety stock levels, lead times, reorder points, and other planning parameters to generate production plans and POs.

Optimized production

Harmonize production schedules with customer demand by aligning manufacturing capacity with the available resources.

Frictionless warehousing operation

Monitor the movement and transaction of every item according to warehouse layout and storage unit dimensions.





Access Securely From Anywhere

Flexible deployment options

With support for cloud as well as on-premise deployment, Dynamics 365 Business Central brings unmatched flexibility and scalability.

Consistent user experience

Enjoy an intuitively built, consistent and modern user experience across web and mobile devices.

Best-in-class security and compliance

Ensure GDPR compliance with Dynamics 365 Business Central’s “privacy-by-default” methodology. Allow or deny access to personal data and leverage user audit trails to guarantee security and accountability.


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Systems Limited is a Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and Microsoft Gold Partner across ERP, CRM, Cloud Productivity, and many other competencies. This enables us to deliver a complete range of business applications consulting and implementation services. With our decades of experience and a large team of certified ERP, CRM, Retail, HRM, and BI experts, we are an ideal partner for implementing, enhancing, and managing every facet of your global enterprise applications footprint. 


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